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can you bring aerosols to secret garden party

Are you ready to dance the day away at Secret Garden Party? If so, you’ll need to know what items are allowed on site. When it comes to aerosols, like your favorite dry shampoo or deodorant, you’ll be wondering whether these are permitted as several other festivals have banned them.

Just remember that glass containers and bottles are not permitted at any festival – so make sure to transfer your products into plastic bottles.

So, without further ado, let’s find out whether aerosols are a no-go at Secret Garden party…

Can You Bring Aerosols to Secret Garden Party?

Bringing aerosols to Secret Garden Party? Absolutely! Aerosol sprays used for cosmetics are permitted by the festival organisers.

So, don’t hesitate to toss that dry shampoo into your bag!

With over 10 stages of music spread throughout the festival grounds, you can dance and boogie in style without worrying about a sweating through your clothes or even having bad hair day!

Plus, with all the other activities like mystical performances and art installations, you will be sure to have a wild time while looking your best.

What’s The Problem With Aerosols Anyway?

It’s no secret that aerosol cans are a major fire hazard. At festivals such as Reading & Leeds, some festivalgoers have even used them to start fires and cause destruction. In order to keep everyone safe, organisers were left with no choice but to ban these items entirely.

Alternatives to Aerosols

You should not really spray aerosol sprays inside your tent as they can damage the materials. So, many festival goers prefer to use roll-on deodorant, powdered deodorant or do their spraying outside of the tent.

Final Thoughts

Attending a music festival can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to plan ahead and know the rules. At Secret Garden Party, aerosols are allowed onsite – so you can safely bring your dry shampoo!

It’s always best practice to check the rules before arriving at the event and make sure that everything you’re bringing is allowed. That way, there won’t be any surprises when you show up!

So if you’re planning on attending Secret Garden Party this year, feel free to pack your favourite aerosol products along with all of your other festival essentials – because they’re definitely welcome here.

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