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Rivermead campsite Glastonbury festival

This article is part of our series of guides to the different campsites in Glastonbury Festival. Rivermead is a more secluded flat general needs campsite that sits near Silver Hayes.

Updated for 2023!

If you’re wondering where to camp at this year’s Glastonbury Festival and you’re considering Rivermead, keep reading to see whether it’s right for you!

First up – Glastonbury is not like other festivals, the various different campsites do not have barriers between them and the arena/entertainment areas. Once you’re in through the main gates, you can pretty much explore everything inside the festival.

Camping in Rivermead

Big change in this corner of the festival starting 2023!!

Nestled between the new Pylon Ground crew/staff camping and Bushy Ground, Rivermead has been cut in half! the west side is now joined with Pylon Ground and become crew/staff parking.
The Eastern side is still public but only accessible through the eastern edge of the field, but is still a bit of a hidden gem of a campsite, that made its debut at the Festival back in 2011 (before that it was used for car parking, but as the festival grew, so did demand for camping space)

This small but mighty field is the perfect spot for music lovers who want to be close to the action at Silver Hayes without sacrificing a peaceful place to rest their heads.

With less space, you may see this spot fill up, especially as it will be on the way to the larger sites further South, and those looking to set up quickly may pick this spot first!

But with great location comes a potential downside: the proximity to the river that runs through the field can make it a muddy mess in wetter years.

But hey, that’s just part of the festival experience, right?

So if you’re looking for a spot that strikes the perfect balance between proximity to the main stages and peaceful camping, Rivermead is the place for you.

Just pack your wellies, just in case!


  • Rivermead is close to Gate A, good for festival goers arriving on buses or coaches.
  • More secluded than other campsites.
  • Usually has some space for those arriving late.
  • Pretty much all of this field is flat.


  • Being so close the the river expect this area to be muddy and possibly waterlogged during rainy years.


Best Place to Park for Rivermead

Park in Yellow if coming through Gate A or Orange for Gate D.

Best Gate to Access Rivermead

The closest gates to Rivermead are Gate A or D.

Is Camping in Rivermead Right for You?

Rivermead would be right for you if:

  • You are looking to camp close to the gates and carparks.
  • You are looking to spend time in Silver Hayes.
  • You want a more secluded camp spot that’s a bit closer to the action than some of the outer fields.


Other areas near by you can also try:

For those who may not know, Glastonbury Festival is one of the biggest and most iconic music festivals in the world, taking place annually in the UK. This five-day extravaganza is like a magical kingdom, where the music never stops and the good vibes flow 24/7. The line-up is always a who’s who of the music industry, with past headliners including the likes of Beyoncé, Adele, Paul McCartney and Ed Sheeran.

But Glastonbury isn’t just about the music. It’s an immersive experience that’s hard to put into words. Imagine wandering through the lush fields, taking in the colourful and eclectic art installations, and getting lost in the diverse array of food and craft stalls. It’s like stepping into an entirely different world, where anything is possible.

One of the things that makes Glastonbury so special is the sense of community. The festivalgoers are a diverse group of people from all walks of life, but for five days, we’re all one big family. The vibe is so positive and inclusive, it’s impossible not to feel uplifted and connected to everyone around you.

See you on the farm!

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