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Muddy Festival Wellies

Festivals and wellington boots go together like berries & cream in the summertime – you can thank the glorious British weather for that. If you’re looking for cheap festival wellies for your next adventure, you’re in the right place! Let’s just hope you’ll have dry weather and won’t actually be needing them.

If you enjoy the festival season, then you’ll know that wellies have become a must have. 

However, the price of these boots can add up and become quite expensive. You can easily spend a fortune on a good pair of wellies. The worst thing is once you’ve bought them, you only need them for a few days each year.

The other thing is, you don’t actually need wellies at a festival! You only need them if the weather is really bad, the ground is saturated and heavy rain is forecast. 

If the weather is going to be dry, or light rain, then leave the wellies in the car! Walking boots are sufficient for most weathers.

But… this is important.

What if it rains really bad? This is Britain after all! Our weather is unpredictable and downpours can be isolated to one particular town whilst completely missing another just a few miles away.

You DO need wellies for your next festival, at the very least to keep the weather gods happy. It’s better to have a decent pair of wellies, and not need them, than it is to need them and not have them.

Why Cheap Wellies are Better for Festivals

It may seem counter intuitive, but when it comes to wellies at festivals – the cheaper kind are actually better! 

The fancy schmancy designer wellies are designed to look stylish, but they’re no good in deep, sticky mud. 

Standard wellies are designed to be comfortable. Farmers and outdoor workers choose basic wellies for a reason – because they actually work to keep your feet dry.

So, forget about trench foot. Get yourself a cheap pair of festival wellies and pray to the festival gods that you won’t be needing then.

Basically… simple and cheap wellies work to serve a purpose. Designer wellies are designed to look good.

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A festival staple: the Dunlop Wellington is a great budget all round boot for all to enjoy the mud in

Dunlop wellies
Image from Go Outdoors

Dunlop Pricemaster Wellington Boots

  • Affordable and long lasting
  • Comes in Black, Green and White
  • Size ranges from 2 to 12!
  • Sturdy heel


These wellies have great support for long days of walking in wet and muddy festival weather

DUNLOP Ladies/Youths Sport' Wellington Navy Blue Size 6 UK/EU 39
Image from Amazon

Dunlop Ladies SPORT’ Wellington

  • Flat Sole for support with a Wedge Heel
  • Sizes 3 to 8
  • Navy only
  • Smart modern looks


Do you find that higher wellies chafe? try these half height wellies and see the difference

DUNLOP Short Leg Half-Height Wellies Easier On & Off Good
Image from Amazon

DUNLOP Half-Height Wellies For Wider Calf

  • Easier On & Off
  • Lighter than tall wellies
  • Boot leg height from bottom of heel; 37cm
  • Comes in Green or Black
  • Sizes 4 – 12


Adjust your wellies on the go to prevent the tops flapping around and allowing rain in as you walk!

Classic wellington boots
Image from Go Outdoors

Peter Storm Adjustable Tall Wellies

  • Adjustable strap to suit your fit
  • Well known brand with quality in mind
  • Strong grip outsole
  • Comfortable lining
  • Women’s Sizes: 4 – 8
  • Men’s Sizes 7 – 12

Other Options

Regatta Women's Ly Fairweather II Rain Boot, Multi Stripe, 6
Image from Amazon

Regatta Women’s Lady Fairweather Ii Wellington Boot

Sizes: 3 – 9
Lots of options for colour and design
EVA comfort footbed
Natural cotton lining

V12 Footwear Unisex Vital Value shoes, Dark Green, 6 UK
Image from Amazon

V12 Footwear unisex wellington boots

Heel grips that help out when taking the wellies off
At time of writing sizes 3 – 6 and 10 – 13
Easy dry, nylon lining
Shock absorbing heel for comfort

Aigle Unisex Parcours 2' Wellington Boots, Green Kaki, 9.5 UK
Image from Amazon

Aigle Unisex Anti-Fatigue Wellington Boots

Built for comfort and warmth
Polyester quick-drying inner liner
Three density natural rubber shock-absorbing soles
Damping cushions in the heels 
4 colours to choose from

What you need to know about Festival Wellies

You only need to wear wellies if the weather has been really bad – seriously, wellies are not required in most weathers. They’re only needed after a biblical downpour, which does happen quite often in the British Summer!

They can be awkward to take on and off – It’s best to sit down while doing this! Use a stick to help prize the boot off if it’s difficult!

You can buy wellies at festivals but they’re more expensive – traders will be selling wellies on-site, but there won’t be enough for everyone to buy them. If you’re really worried about the weather and the state of the ground, bring wellies in advance.

Some wellies have a wedge inside – similar to a pair of wedged shoes, these mimic the effect of heels to add a bit of height. If you wear heels day-to-day, you may feel better wearing wedged wellies. Make sure you check for a concealed wedge before buying!

Long, thick socks are your new best friend – you should wear socks that are as long as the boot, and once that don’t fall down! Keep reading to learn about welly socks, as they’re an absolute lifesaver when it comes to wearing wellies for 18 hours per day!

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Evercreatures Funky Wellies

Don’t Forget Your Welly Socks

Welly socks are socks that are longer and thicker than regular socks, to protect the skin on your calf against rubbing. They’re a game changer!

The material that wellies are made from can be irritating especially to sensitive skin, the socks help to protect against that. Welly socks should be insulated, breathable and made of natural materials.

Our Picks for Welly Socks 👇

Soxy Mens Wool Blend Long Wellington Boot Socks - 4
Image from Amazon

Soxy Mens Wool Blend Long Wellington Boot Socks

Built for comfort and warmth
4 Pairs in a pack
4 different colours
Anti slip elasticated tops
Fully cushioned for comfort

SATINIOR 2 Pairs Women's Wellington Boot Socks Women's Wellie Socks
Image from Amazon

satinior women’s wellington boot socks

2 pairs in a pack
Dark Grey, Green and Black combinations
Wool blend fabric
Knitted classic design

Read the full list of the best welly socks here.

The best pair of wellies to take along is a matter of personal preference, but we hope that this blog has given you some guidance on what to look for. In the end, it’s all about comfort and utility.

If your feet and dry and you are comfortable – you’ve got a winner!

Want to Splash out on new festival wellies Instead?

Check out these slightly pricier options from Evercreatures (the funkiest festival wellies around!) with funky designs without compromising on quality. Read our full review of Evercreatures wellies here.

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