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Festival Braids

If you’ve attended a music festival lately, you’ll have seen the wide array of wonderfully colourful hairstyles on display. Festival braids have become a real trend, they’re practical, beautiful and fun for a temporary twist on your everyday hair.

As the season of music festivals beckons, there is an inimitable aspect of the festival ensemble that warrants meticulous attention – the illustrious festival hairstyle.

Among the plethora of hair-stylings, one in particular has emerged as a veritable sensation: the vibrant and tightly woven braids that have become a quintessential festival staple. In this feature, we shall delve into the intricacies of these braids, which are known as Feed-in Dutch Braids.

For the uninitiated, Feed-in Dutch Braids are a sophisticated concoction of your natural hair intertwined with synthetic extensions, resulting in longer, fuller braids. Their resilience and lasting power make them particularly suitable for the often unpredictable terrain and conditions of festivals.

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What Are Those Colourful Festival Braids Called?

What are festival braids? Seeing girls with long, colourful braids done very tightly and neatly at festivals is a very common sight! These particular braids are called feed-in dutch braids which use the same technique as cornrows.

They use your natural hair with extra pieces of synthetic hair fed into the braids to make them appear longer and thicker.

This hairstyle is likely to last the duration of a 4-5 day music festival without coming lose, if the braids are done properly!

Why do so many girls braid their hair for festivals?

Once the braids are done and secured, they don’t need any further maintenance for the duration of the festival.

At music festivals, hair washing facilities are not easy to find, so most people with long hair will want a fuss-free, low-maintenance style that looks good. A single or double braid fits this need perfectly.

Messy braids on day 7 of a week-long festival!

Can You Do Festival Braids On Yourself?

Yes – it’s possible to do festival braids on yourself but it takes a lot of practice. Most people are just not flexible or nimble enough to complete neat and tight braids on their own head – especially when feeding in pieces of hair at the same time.

Let’s face it – you need an extra pair of hands and dislocated elbows to do this hairstyle on yourself, so it certainly helps if you have a friend who is skilled with braiding hair to help out.

What Do You Need To Do Festival Braids (Feed-In Dutch Braids)?

Rainbow Color Jumbo Braiding Hair Extensions 3 Tone Colorful Synthetic
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How To Do Festival Braids – Festival Dutch Braids

Alright, lovelies, let’s dive into the boho fantasy of festival hair braids. Follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll be the ultimate braidista!

Step 1: Prep Time!

  • Start by ensuring your hair is tangle-free, for this, gently brush through your locks.
  • Apply a dollop of that strong hold hair gel to tame any frizz and flyaways.
  • Decide where you want your braids to start.

Step 2: Section

  • Using a narrow-tooth comb, section your hair. If you’re going for classic twin Dutch braids, part it down the middle.
  • Keep the sections you’re not working on in hair clips or ties.

Step 3: Braid it Up

  • Pick a section to start with. Divide it into three strands near your scalp.
  • Cross the right strand under the middle, then the left strand under the new middle. This is the start of your Dutch braid.
  • As you braid down your head, feed in small amounts of the brightly coloured synthetic hair. Add them to the side strands before you cross under the middle. This technique makes your braids pop with thickness and color!

Step 4: Secure Your Braids

  • Once you reach the end of your braid, secure it with an elastic or small bobble.
  • If you’re using synthetic hair, you can use hot water from the kettle to ‘seal’ the ends

Step 5: Repeat

  • Channel your patience and recreate the braid on the remaining section of your hair.

💡 Pro Tip: Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t be too hard on yourself if the braids don’t turn out flawless on the first try.

That’s it, gorgeous! You’re now ready to rock the festival with your fabulous feed-in Dutch braids. Let your colourful tresses enchant the crowd and dance the night away!

Seek a Professional Hairstylist for best results

These braids are NOT easy to do yourself if you want them to be sleek and smooth for as long as possible. Ask your hairstylist if they provide braids as a service – show them inspiration photos!

Some music festivals have stalls with professional hairstylists who can braid your hair for a fee, such as Blowfest at Glastonbury.

Final Thoughts: Festival Braids

We’ve woven through the world of Feed-in Dutch Braids like pros! From their tight and neat secrets to why they’re the festival go-to, we’ve got the scoop. These braids aren’t just a hairstyle – they’re a festival badge of honour, a kaleidoscope on your crown! 🌈

Whether you decide to dive in and DIY or treat yourself to a pro touch (maybe even at the festival), remember, it’s all in good fun! The festival is your canvas and those braids? Well, they’re the paintbrush. Swish them, swing them, and let them fly as you dance through the days of music and camaraderie. 🎶

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