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Best biodegradable glitter

This article discusses the best biodegradable glitter for festivals, as it’s important for us as festival goers to reduce the impact we have. Glitter is not eco-friendly by its very nature, but with new innovations, there are ways to enjoy glitter in a more sustainable way.

Glitter has become a cultural mainstay at festivals during the past decade. Social media has driven a new wave of ‘festival fashion’ that no longer involves dressing like a farmer or a roadman. Festivals are a place for expression, with fashion being one way to express yourself.

That’s where the glitter comes in – everyone loves a bit of glitter. No one can resist its shimmery glow when it’s time to adorn our faces with sparkly things for a night dancing in a field.

But most cosmetic and craft glitter is made from plastic. You know, that evil stuff that festivals like Glastonbury are trying to get people to stop bringing? Many festivals have no prohibited the sale of single use plastic and they’re strongly advising festival goers to try to limit the use of plastic inside the event.

So, if you’re looking for biodegradable glitter for your next festival, you’re in the right place!

Best Overall Biodegradable Festival Glitter

Stunningly luminous, holographic, locally produced and eco-friendly

Kaima Cosmetics Chamaeleon Flakes

  • Choice of 30 beautiful colours
  • Long-lasting when used with the mixing medium or eyeshadow adhesive
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Best Biodegradable glitter on Amazon

Stunningly luminous, holographic, locally produced and eco-friendly

Eco Chunky MOON Glitter

  • Pack of 5 different colours
  • Fix gel included
  • Chunky glitter pieces make a real impact
  • Even though it’s chunky, the edges are soft and it’s suitable for mildly sensitive skin

Best Eco-Friendly Glitter if you’re on a budget

The best affordable choice to add some sparkle without breaking the bank

Snazaroo Chunky Bio Glitter

  • Snazaroo are well-known for making eye-catching facepaints
  • 1 colour for under £5
  • Large, chunky glitter pieces
  • It’s a small pot, but contains enough glitter for a bit of sparkle without going overboard
  • No fix gel or adhesive included – but you can borrow someone else’s 😉

Other Options

Mystic Biodegradable Eco Chunky Glitter by Moon Glitter

Made from eucalyptus
8 different colours available
All colours come in ‘chunky’ or ‘fine’ – the fine glitter has a more subtle effect

blue biodegradable festival glitter

The ultimate Bioglitter® PURE uber chunky boxed kit

Bottles are made from glass, so you must decant them into a plastic container as glass is prohibited in festivals for safety (even cosmetic products)
5 colours come in the box: uber chunky citrine, bronze, blush, sterling, sapphire and pearl
Made from Modified Regenerated Cellulose

Rainbow glitter for festivals

EcoStardust Festival Favourites Biodegradable Glitter Set

Made from Modified Regenerated Cellulose
Vegan and cruelty-free
Comes with a bamboo brush to apply the glitter with ease
Also comes with a balm, which is not adhesive but it works to hold the glitter in place, which makes it better for sensitive skin types

NOMO Plant-Based Biodegradable Vegan Cosmetic Glitter

Extremely bright and eye-catching colours
The ‘Party Pack’ contains 4 colours: gold, silver, pink and blue
Highly shiny and holographic – the silver reflects every colour!
Very soft with no sharp edges or jagged pieces of glitter
Has a premium feel to it

Subtle glitter colours

Eco Sparkles Spaced Out Glitter Kit

Unfortunately this packaging contains glass which is not ideal for safety reasons at a festival
A small tin of adhesive (cosmetic glue) is included
Stunning holographic and reflective colours
The pieces of glitter are hexagonal – some of the edges are sharp but they’re not bothersome for me (and I have sensitive skin)
purple eco glitter

Sparkletown Festival Collection

Great packaging, with a choice of pouches, pots or tins
6 colours available in a very affordable pack
Beautiful holographic effect – really eyecatching
No glass containers!

Tips for applying glitter at a festival

It’s not as easy as you’d think to apply glitter even if you’re sitting down at home in front of a large mirror. When you’re at a festival, it’s a lot harder to get this task done!

There’s wind, no proper mirrors, no flat surfaces and potentially poor lighting. It’s the worst conditions imaginable to have to apply glitter, but thousands of people manage. Still, it’s a messy job.

If your tent has a porch, it’s better to apply the glitter there and not in the bedroom, otherwise you’ll be sleeping in sparkle dust for days (although that may not be such a bad thing)

Tip 1: Use a Camping Mirror (not glass)

Camping mirrors are excellent, you’ve probably already established that glass is not allowed at music festivals as it’s dangerous. But what about mirrors? Mirrors are made of glass! Fortunately, camping mirrors exist!

If you’re on a budget, go for these flexible, adhesive mirror tiles – they’re not made of glass so they’re good for camping. There are also Magic Mirrors that are not glass (but you’d never know!) but they’re more expensive at around £45.

Dproptel Stainless Steel Folding Tabletop Mirror, Unbreakable Shatterproof Small Travel

Tip 2: Use an adhesive or balm

Adhesive, such as cosmetic glue or spirit gum will harden (cure) as it dries, which will ensure your glitter will last for 12+ hours. Balm on the other hand, is less durable but better for sensitive skin.

Pro FX Spirit Gum by Moon Terror | 14ml |
Spirit Gum is a professional adhesive that will keep glitter in place for a whole day and night! Image from Amazon

The adhesive can leave quite a strange sensation on your face, if you’re not use to wearing it, you may not like the way it feels. Balm is also easier to remove/wash off afterwards but it will only stay in place for a few hours, and the glitter placement may move too.

Collection Cosmetics Crystals Glitter Balm, Festival Glitter Makeup, Light-Weight Formula
Glitter Balm – alternative to glue. Works surprisingly well! Image from Amazon

Tip 3: Don’t overcomplicate things

Don’t try to recreate an elaborate whole-face design that you saw on Instagram – it’s a waste of time when there’s a whole festival taking place outside of your campsite! If you’re unsure, put glitter in the following places:

  1. Your cheekbones towards your temples
  2. Above your eyebrows
  3. Below your eyes in an inverted triangle shape
  4. In your beard or moustache (if you have one)
  5. In your hair (if you’re OK with that)
Glitter face
If in doubt, just throw the glitter at one side of your face!

Tip 4: Try to remove your glitter before you sleep

Your skin will thank you! Use any oil-based make-up remover to dissolve the adhesive and carefully wipe away the litter with a cloth (don’t bother with wet wipes – they just move the glitter around)

Tip 5: Get friends to help with festival glitter application

Ask someone nearby to help with your glitter application and you’re bound to find someone who will happily oblige! You can also find professional glitter and face-painting stations around the place at most big festivals.

Biodegradable Glitter FAQs

Still got questions? Hopefully it’s answered below…

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Conclusion: Best Biodegradable Glitter for Festivals

The best glitter main depends on your personal preference for colour, style and the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Biodegradable glitter is preferable to traditional glitter, but it’s not really that much of an improvement when it comes to the emissions involved in the manufacturing process.

It’s kind of like comparing vaping to smoking. Smoking is bad and it’s been proven that it causes many different health issues. Vaping, on the other hand is a healthier alternative to smoking, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy! There was a time when cigarettes did not have filters, so they added filters in an attempt to make them seem “healthier” when really, they were almost exactly the same.

Don’t get taken in by green washing and bold claims.

Whether you choose to adorn your face with glitter or go natural – don’t judge others for their choice, enjoy yourself and take care of each other.

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