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What to do with your old festival wristband ideas

Ready to dive into some creative ways to give your old festival wristbands a new lease on life?

These colourful fabric and paper bands may have seen some epic times around your wrist, but they don’t have to retire just yet.

Let’s explore 10 awesome ways to reuse, recycle, or repurpose those wristbands and keep the festival spirit alive!

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1. Make Key rings using your old Festival Wristbands

Give your keys a funky makeover by transforming your wristbands into keychain charms.

Attach a wristband or two to a keyring, and voila! Now you have a cool and personalised keychain that will always remind you of the good times you had at the festivals.

Festival wristbands on a keyring

2. Make A DIY Lanyard

Work/school/college lanyards are boring! Why not jazz them up a bit?

Turn your old festival wristbands into a DIY lanyard! You can thread them together using a sturdy string or ribbon, and you’ve got a funky and functional accessory for holding your keys, ID cards, or even your festival tickets for future events.

3. Festival Wristband Bookmarks

Love getting lost in a good book? Your wristbands can now double as eye-catching bookmarks! Simply wrap them around the pages to mark your spot, and let the festival vibes accompany you on your literary journeys.

A festival wristband used as a bookmark

4. Festival-Inspired Jewellery

Get crafty and turn your wristbands into funky festival-inspired jewellery pieces.

Whether you prefer earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, you can easily incorporate your wristbands into DIY jewellery projects that reflect your love for music and good vibes.

5. Zip Pulls

Give your jackets or hoodies a touch of festival flair by turning your wristbands into zip accessories.

Simply thread the wristband through the zipper hole and secure it with a knot. Now you have a unique and personalised zip pull!

6. Create some Wall Art

Unleash your inner artist and create a one-of-a-kind wall art piece using your wristbands.

Arrange them in a visually pleasing pattern and weave them together to form a vibrant tapestry (how many do you have!?) that will add pop of colour to your room.

You could even add them to a dream catcher wrapped around the ring or tie them around the outside to hang down.

It’s like a mini festival on your wall! and is a great way to put those paper wristbands to good use.

7. Stitch them to your clothes

Level up your festival fashion game by stitching your cherished wristbands onto your favorite clothes.

Turn them into vibrant patches that proudly display your festival veteran status wherever you go.

Whether it’s your go-to coat or a bucket hat, these stitched wristbands will set you apart, spark conversations, and spread the festival love. Get stitching and let your fashion speak volumes!

8. Use them as Christmas tree decorations!

Embrace the festive season by turning your wristbands into unique Christmas tree ornaments.

You can attach hooks or strings to the wristbands then hang them on the branches. Or pick up some clear fillable ornament balls to put your wristbands in and watch your tree light up with memories of joyful festival experiences.

9. Stuff Them Inside a glass or decorative bowl

Create a captivating display by stuffing your festival wristbands into a glass or decorative bowl.

Over time, you will hopefully find yourself needing a bigger container to accommodate your ever-growing collection. Upgrade to larger bowls or explore other creative containers to house your festival memories!

Each wristband tells a story, keeping the festival spirit alive in a visual feast.

Festival wristbands in a glass
festival wristbands in a glass bowl
Adding more wristbands to this bowl is fun to watch it fill up, plus it keeps all your memories in full view!

10. Display Them All in a Box Frame

Transform a box frame into a captivating showcase for your festival adventures.

Arrange your wristbands, tickets, and photos inside to create a visual journey. Hang it prominently in your room and let the memories spark conversations. It’s more than decor—it’s a shrine to your festival spirit!

Repurposing old Festival Wristbands – Final Thoughts

Those lovely bands of nostalgia, they’re not just souvenirs anymore. They’re full of potential waiting to be turned into something special.

Your old festival wristbands have stories to tell: the unforgettable gigs, the roaring laughter, and the shared moments with your festival family. They’re more than just bits of fabric, they’re a patchwork of memories. And with these handy ideas, they won’t just be gathering dust anymore.

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See you in a field!

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