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Evercreatures review - Evercreatures wellies review

I’m the proud owner of 3 pairs of Evercreatures Wellies and I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I first discovered this brand a few years ago. This is an honest review of Evercreatures products that I’ve purchased over the last few years.

I always need a couple of pairs of wellies available. I live in Wales for a start, and I spend most summers at music festivals so… wellies are a necessity. So often at festivals, there are piles of discarded wellies all over the place and it’s so disheartening because a decent pair of wellies can last for many years.

I’m pleased to say that my original pair of Evercreatures are still going strong!

What are Evercreatures Wellies?

Evercreatures wellies are made by a British Brand, based in Cambridge, UK. All their wellies are 100% handmade from natural and sustainable rubber. Each pair goes through extra vigorous quality control.

All the designs, patterns and prints of Evercreatures wellies are exceptionally funky – this is part of their company mission – to make the funkiest wellies ever!

Also, the wellies are specifically designed to be comfortable for people with wider calves. Most of the styles are adjustable for a better fit and to ensure they’re comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Evercreatures Wellies Review

These are the different pairs of Evercreatures that I currently own:

Evercreatures Black Beret Wellies

Worn by me at Boomtown 2019 – these are ankle wellies with decorate laces

Evercreatures review - Evercreatures black beret wellies review
These laces are decorative (they don’t secure the boots) – Evercreatures actually supply white laces but I purchased separate purple laces to better suit my style.

Evercreatures Short Black Adjustable Wellies

I’ve only worn these wellies a handful of times but I absolutely love them! Sorry about the ‘inside’ photo here.

These are short wellies that come halfway up your calf. There is an adjustable gusset around the calf area for a better fit and added comfort. Absolutely love these wellies!

Styles & Choice

Evercreatures have a large selection of funky wellies. They’re suitable for day-to-day use or for wearing to outdoor events such as concerts or festivals. Here are a selection of styles available at the moment.

Tap on an image for a closer view of each pair. Most of these pairs have a ‘short’ and ‘tall’ version of the same pattern/print – so make sure you check the website for a full selection of styles.

How well do they fit?

If you’re wondering how well Evercreatures Wellies fit, I would suggest purchasing 1 size up than your usual shoe size.

I am a UK Size 5 (38) and I prefer the fit of the size 5.5(38.5) or 6(39). I always wear thick socks when wearing wellies like this, so that accounts for why I prefer a larger size of Evercreatures.

When wearing a size up, my feel feel comfortable but not restricted. There are no problematic areas that rub the back of my heel like regular wellies do.

Are Evercreatures Wellies good for Wide Calves?

Yes – most of the styles are either designed for wider calves or have adjustable buckle around the top. This means you can wear them as tight or as loose as you require for ultimate comfort.


For a pair of rubber boots, Evercreatures wellies are just about as comfortable as you can get. I don’t even feel like I’m wearing wellies when these are on my feet.

The ankle wellies in particular are extremely easy to take on and off, they just slip on! There’s no need to pull or prize them off if you get a pai that fits you properly.

I’ve never experienced blisters when wearing these wellies either, but as a precaution, I sometimes put blister prevention tape on my feet too. I’m not even sure that the blister prevention tape is necessary with these, or if it’s even doing anything, but I wear it anyway (you can’t be too careful where blisters are concerned)


Are Evercreatures wellies truly durable? I’ve been wearing the Evercreatures Beret wellies in light-moderate mud at festivals for over 4 years now and they’re not showing any strong signs of wear.

I also live in Wales – a very rainy place – and I wear the Beret boots out for trips to town on wet days. They’re still serving me very well!

Evercreatures review - Evercreatures wellies review
After 4-5 years of regular use these are in excellent shape!

The Plain black short wellies I own were purchased for Glastonbury 2019 but not needed (it was a 5 day heatwave) but I have worn them out and about as rain boots on quite a few days.

Just like the Beret Boots, I’m confident that my Evercreatures Plain Short Wellies will hold up just as well. I’m extremely active on this blog so I’ll make sure to update this article with an update in 6-12 months’ time after another festival season is complete.

Are they truly waterproof?

Absolutely. Evercreatures wellies are made from rubber – just like wellies should be. The rubber used is natural and sustainable, and I’m sure you already know – rubber is naturally waterproof.

No water is getting through these bad boys. You can safely stomp through puddles and muddy fields with a carefree attitude and a smile on your face.

However, they are quite wide at the top, especially if you have the ankle wellies. This means that in heavy rain showers, water may drip inside the wellies. You can avoid this by folding your welly socks over the top of the boots.

What a stunning colour 😍 I think I may have to just get these ones too (and hope they’re not needed!)


Evercreatures wellies are a little bit pricey when compared to some cheaper alternative. It may be a bit too much for some people to pay. Have a look at these options for cheap festival wellies instead.

If you’re lucky enough to have slim calves and wear the wellies intended for a wider fit, you may notice that some rain drops will fall into the boot. The good news it that many of their styles are adjustable so can you tighten them for a better fit.

Bonus: The Super Cute Evercreatures Keyring

Each pair of Evercreatures wellies comes with an extremely cute version of their logo on a rubber keyring! I use this on my set of keys and I have a spare on attached to a backpack (which has actually attracted some compliments over the years of having it!)

Evercreatures Keyring - Evercreatures Review
How cute is this!?

Conclusion: Are Evercreatures Wellies Worth it?

100% yes! They’re a great pair of festival stomping boots that will serve you well for years to come.

They’re waterproof, durable, comfortable and they don’t rub in awkward places. What more could you ask for?

Evercreatures Funky Wellies
Evercreatures Funky Wellies

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