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Best welly socks for festivals

So you’ve got your brand new festival wellies, and you’ve just considered socks! Welly socks are specifically designed for wearing with wellies for added comfort. No one wants chafing calves!

It’s a well known fact that wellies are not the most comfortable and breathable of footwear choices. But sometimes, they’re necessary.

A wet and muddy festival is one of those times when wellington boots are required. No one wants to go home early with a case of trench foot and a pair of soaked Converse, do they?

One of the main problems with wellies is that they can cause blisters, sweaty feet and they are known for chafing around the calves too.

A good pair of wellies will fit snuggly around the calf so they won’t let any water in, but at the same time you don’t want to cut the blood supply to your lower legs! You should be able to fit your fingers around the edge of your welly for them to be comfortable.

But then… they chafe like crazy. What do you do? 🤔

Well… Welly socks are the answer!

Best Welly Socks – Overall Winner

The gold standard in welly socks!

Bamboo Welly Socks

Bonsai Eco Bamboo Cotton Welly Socks

  • Comes in Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Orange
  • Natural, organic bamboo fabric
  • Breathable
  • They stay up and do not fall down (a small amount of spandex allows them to do this – it works!)

Best Welly Socks – Runner Up

Funky, printed socks for smaller feet

SOXY Welly Socks

  • Comes in a variety of cute and funky prints
  • Polycotton blend of cotton, nylon and elastane
  • Breathable and warm
  • For UK Shoe Size 4-6 (EU Size 37-39)

Other Noteworthy socks suitable for wearing under wellies

Check out some other options for protecting your feet and lower legs while wearing wellies. The follow four sets of welly socks are all available on Amazon.

Thermal Wellington Socks with “Wellie Wool”

Thick woollen fabric – extra warm and insulated
Perfect for those who always have cold feet (even in the summer)
They stay in place and do not slip down
For UK size 4-8

Hunter Unisex Long Boot Socks

Specifically designed for use with wellies with a fold over the top
Soft, warm fleece material
They will slip down if they’re not folded over the top of your welly
Available in sizes: S, M, L & XL.

Heat Holders – Knee High Thermal Boot Socks

Specifically designed for use with wellies with a fold over the top
Soft, warm fleece material
They will slip down if they’re not folded over the top of your welly
Best for cold weather – would be much too warm in June-July
For UK size 4-8

On the coach to Glastonbury in 2016 (which turned out to be a VERY muddy year) with my welly socks over the top of my wellies to protect my skin from blisters and chafing.

Wellington boots are a very necessary part of living in the UK at some point during the year. If you wear regular shoes at a festival, you can become quite miserable when it rains. It’s bad for the environment because your shoes leak and end up getting binned before their time, and it’s bad for your feet (who wants trench foot in this day and age?).

Moreover, wellies are essential if you’re out in the elements like you are when you’re at a festival, as there’s just no other way around wet weather and waterlogged fields. These conditions do not mean that you should wear any old clodhoppers to trudge through puddles, or have damp socks on your feet all day. You have to this this through.

Welly socks, it turns out, are warm, comfortable and allow you to keep your feet dry while walking through snow, mud and slush. They provide padding where it’s most needed and unexpected comfort to boot.

Any good rural country dweller will know that they need a proper pair of welly socks to enjoy their wellies to the fullest.

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