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Top Picks for Festival Utility Belts and Bum Bags

The festival bum bag or festival utility belt is one of those things that you wouldn’t be seen dead wearing usually, but they’re somehow essential for festivals! Let’s face it, being able to carry your day-to-day items hands-free is pretty liberating.

What to look for in a festival utility belt or bum bag

What makes a good festival bum bag? Not all bum bags are created equal. Many fashion retailers sell festival utility belts for this very purpose. So what important things should you look for when buying a hard-wearing waist accessory that will serve you many festivals in the future? Let’s find out…


Having multiple compartments is very useful. Zipped compartments are better. Secret zipped compartments are even better again. Having multiple compartments is useful to store your items separately.

You want to keep your tampons and tenners separate, of course, so you need plenty of pockets to keep things in.


Whilst being completely waterproof in British weather would be pretty far-fetched, if there’s any chance of rain you’ll want it to be a water-resistant fabric. You’ll probably have your phone in there, and you don’t want a soggy phone, do you?


You’ll want your festival utility belt to be adjustable and fasten securely. If you’re planning to wear clothes with belt loops then you can loop it through those for extra security.


You’re probably not going to be using this stylish bum bag in your day-to-day life, so you don’t want to be spending too much money on a festival-specific/single-purpose item. I personally think bum bags and utility belts are underrated and should be used more often. Either way, a budget of £10-£15 is realistic for a decent bag.

Best Festival Bumbags 2023

So, without further ado, here are some ideas for festival bum bags and festival utility belts for 2023:

1. Rose Gold Coloured Metallic Finish Fabric Bum Bag

If you’re a fan of the popular rose gold colour, this is for you,…

Rose Gold Coloured Metallic Finish Fabric Bum Bag/ Fanny Pack
Image from Amazon

2. SAVFY Bum Waist Bag 4 Zip Pockets

A plain and simple choice, for a plain and simple person (jokes)

SAVFY Bum Waist Bag 4 Zip Pockets Travel Hiking Outdoor
Image from Amazon

3. SoJourner Festival Bum Bag

Oooh shiny!

SoJourner Rave Pink Holographic Transparent Bum Bag Waist Pack |
Image from Amazon

4. Multi Coloured Tribal Print Bum Bag

Unleash your inner hippie with this retro bumbag.

Multi-colour tribal print coloured hip belt, bum bag, fanny pack
Image from Amazon

5. Estwell Bum Waist Bag

A floral, feminine choice.

Estwell Bum Waist Bag Sport Bum Bag Waist Pack Festival
Image from Amazon

6. Waterproof Rave Festival Hologram Travel Fanny Packs

Another ooooh shiny!

CHIC DIARY Shiny Fanny Pack for Rave Festival Travel Waist
Image from Amazon

7. White & Silver Sequin Fabric Bum Bag / Fanny Pack for Festivals

Simple, elegant and goes with everything!

White & Silver Sequin Fabric Bum Bag/Fanny Pack - Festivals/Club
Image from Amazon

8. GRACEART Festival pocket waist belt

These are my personal favourite style of utility belt, I really like the way they fasten with the belt through the two clips.

GRACEART Vintage Steampunk Burning Man Festival Waist Pack Bag Bum
Image from Amazon

9. Thigh Drop Leg Bag

Large pocket for all your needs with a unique style.

YiMao Thigh Drop Leg Bag for Women Fanny Pack Renaissance
Image from Amazon

10. Canvas Drop Leg Bag

Take your pick out of the many options for this one, various layouts and colour options!

Men Drop Leg Bag Thigh Pouch Motorcycle Tactical Military Canvas
Image from Amazon

11. Everest Pattern Multi Compartment Waistpack

Love the galaxy print on this.

Everest Unisex-Adult Signature Pattern Waist Pack, Galaxy, One Size
Image from Amazon

12. Roamlite Leather XL Bum Bag

Real leather, loads of spac! for everything you (and your friends) could need

Roamlite Extra Large Bumbag - Leather XL Bum Bag -
Image from Amazon

13. EOTW Bumbags and Fanny Packs with 4 Zip Pockets

Simple, yet functional.

EOTW Bum Bag Fanny Pack with 4 Zip Pockets for
Image from Amazon

14. Fairtrade Boho Travel 7-Pocket Money Belt

Another choice for hippies, this one features a larger pocket to keep your belongings safe.

FAIR Trade Boho Cotton Print Travel 7 Pocket Passport Bag
Image from Amazon

15. Boxiki Travel Money Belt / keep it secret keep it safe!

Need somewhere slim and light weight to keep all your valuables close to you?

Boxiki Travel Hidden Passport Holder for Men & Women -
Image from Amazon

16. Xieben Leather Drop Leg Bag

A unique style as it goes around your upper thigh to keep the bag secure, with 11 options to choose from splash out on a little something extra!

Xieben Leather Drop Leg Bag for Men Women Motorcycle Bike
Image from Amazon

Do you wish you could wear a utility belt or bum bag every day? Drop a comment below with your top festival style picks.

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