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Best festival backpacks

Are you heading off to a festival this summer and wondering how you’re going to carry everything? You’re in the right place. Here is a list of the best festival backpacks available at the moment.

When you’re buying a backpack or luggage for a festival, there are a few important things to consider.

The main features to look out for are:

  • It should be water resistant – you’ll never know when the skies could open
  • You’ll definitely want a backpack that zips all the way around instead of only having an opening at the top
  • It should have hip straps for hip support – you don’t want all that weight hanging off your shoulders!
  • The backpack needs enough space to pack all your clothes and other bits you’ll need for the weekend

For many festivalgoers, a single backpack is not enough.

Most of the time, your tent won’t fit in your backpack and needs to be carried separately. The same goes for your sleeping bag, inflatable mattress and of course, your alcohol.

Many festivalgoers need to consider all of these things while packing. Also, a folding festival trolley is a very popular idea for lugging all of your camping gear in and out.

You’ll also probably want a small backpack or day bag for carrying around day-to-day (no one wants a huge heavy rucksack in their face when you’re in a crowd).

If you want to go hands-free whilst inside the festival, you’ll definitely want a bum bag or utility belt for quick and easy access to your cash, phone and ticket!

Check our the Ultimate Festival Packing List for a checklist of what to pack!

So here are our picks for the best festival backpacks this summer ?

Our Thoughts

This just ticks all of the boxes and has everything you need to pack your clothes and gear efficiently for your next festival.

Osprey are my all-time favourite manufacturer of backpacks – the quality, design and overall functionality of their bags are next-level. You can usually tell a good backpack when using the zips – the zips on an Osprey bag are seriously strong!

The reason why the Osprey Rook & Renn backpack makes it to the top of this list is the integrated removable rain cover – an absolute must for British festivals as you ever know when it could start pouring.

Best Budget Festival Backpack

A sturdy backpack without breaking the bank

Image from Go Outdoors

Euro hike nepal 65 rucksack

  • 65 litre
  • Multiple storage pockets on top, sides and at the base
  • Foam padded back and belt for comfort
  • External compression straps for extra carrying space for larger items like a tent
  • Fully adjustable
  • 2 colours blue or red

Our Thoughts

If you don’t want to break the bank (or your back) when lugging all your camping gear into the festival then the Euro Hike Nepal 65l backpack is an excellent choice.

It contains a dedicated pocket at the bottom of the backpack, perfect for separating muddy items or shoes from the rest of your clothes.

This is an exceptionally choice choice for a festival backpack, but for a longer-lasting option that is guaranteed to last for years to come, go with the Osprey Rook or Renn instead.

Best Festival Hydration Packs

A stylish way to stay refreshed in the heat!

Festival AF Hydration Backpack

  • 2l internal hydration bladder
  • External zipped pockets to keep your sunscreen and other bits
  • Handy drinking straw in the perfect position
  • No need to worry about lugging around a cumbersome water bottle

Our Thoughts

We used this at Glastonbury 2023 and it was a lifesaver! It’s extremely useful as it has a decent sized water pouch, but also loads of handy pockets for storing all your other bits you need for the day – sun cream, money, phone charger, etc!

Our Thoughts

If you need a backpack with the option of dragging it along behind you then this is a solid choice.

A word of warning – many British festivals are held in rural areas, such as farms and open grassy fields or woodland. This means that the ground is rugged and uneven at the best of times.

Even if it’s not wet and muddy, that means the ground will be hard and bumpy – small wheels like this don’t stand much of a chance.

However, if you only have to transport your bags a short distance or there are paved paths than this could be a good option for you.

Otherwise those teeny tiny wheels will be clogged up with grass after about 5 metres! You really do need a large trolley with pneumatic tyres for longer distances.

Other Options to consider

If you still haven’t found the perfect festival backpack, here are a few more options for you to consider.

There are large rucksacks and smaller day packs on the remainder of this list.

Frequently Asked Questions About Festival Backpacks

Conclusion: Best Festival Backpacks

The Osprey backpack has served me well for over 8 years now, which is why it’s recommended for any enthusiastic festivalgoer.

It’s always a good idea to test your bag out beforehand, you should test its…

  • Adjustability – adjust the straps to fit your shoulders and hips
  • Weight when packed – evenly distribute the heavier items inside your backpack so they’re not hanging from your shoulders (many people think heavy items should go at the bottom of the bag – this is incorrect – heavy items should be closer to your spine!)
  • Ease of access – how easy is it to reach something you need from inside?

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