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Are you heading to Glastonbury Festival in 2024? Do you want to go glam for this year’s Glasto? This article contains 10 exceptional choices for Glamping at Glastonbury!

Glamping may seem over-the-top for Glastonbury, especially because all of the camping and facilities you need are available inside the fence.

However, due to the festival’s popularity, there are some great off-site camping and glamping options available too.

From secure campsites with bring-your-own-tent pitches, to luxury yurts, campervans, bell tents, even full-on hotels with spas and pools!

Don’t spend too much time at your camp – there’s so much going on inside the festival that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Banned Items at Glastonbury Festival

If you prefer the finer things in life, or you’ve got the money to spend, off-site glamping at Glastonbury can enhance your experience. Perhaps it’s a special treat or you just want a nice place to use a base to explore the festival.

Let’s get straight into things.

Here’s a selection of off-site glamping options for Glastonbury Festival 2024

1. Love Fields

This is literally right next to Gate C – it’s so close, it’s almost inside the fence!

Prices start at: £750 (pitch your own) or £1800 for an unfurnished yurt
Location: Less than 1 minute from pedestrian gate C
Facilities: Hot showers, flushing toilets, food, communal areas
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)
No Google Map Available at this location

2. Ziggu Camp

Prices start at: £900 (unfurnished bell tent) up to £2,500 for a furnished Emperor Tent
Location: 3 minutes by shuttle from Pedestrian gate A
Facilities: Hot showers, flushing toilets, bar with entertainment, food and drink, hair and beauty tent, parking
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)

3. Glastotel

Prices start at: Check website for whats available, at time of writing lowest price around £1,300 up to £3,200
Location: 10 minute walk to gate D but a buggy service is available
Facilities: Hot showers, flushing toilets, food, bar, parking, music
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)

4. The Pop-Up Hotel

Prices start at: £2,900 for a classic room up to £26,000 for what can only be described as a tent palace!
Location: A short walk from Gate D
Facilities: Hot showers, flushing toilets, food, communal areas, swimming pool, spa and restauran!
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)

5. The Retreat

Prices start at: Available by request only
Location: 5 minutes walk from Gate B, buggy service available
Facilities: Hot showers, flushing toilets, food with inclusive meals, communal areas, hair & makeup artist, parking
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)

6. Portobello Farm

Prices start at: £2,340.00 for a bell tent with a bed, up to £4,140.00 for a furnished lotus belle tent
Location: A short shuttle ride from Bronze Gate
Facilities: Hot showers, flushing toilets, bar and restaurant communal areas, hot tubs
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)

7. Yurtel Glamping at Glastonbury Festival

Prices start at: Available on request through the website
Location: 5 minute transfer service that can drop you inside the festival
Facilities: Hot showers, flushing toilets, salon with hair and makeup services, spa, bar a la carte restaurant communal areas
Ticket included: some packages include a hospitality ticket to the festival
Extras: helicopter arrival available (for £££££)
No Google Map Available at this location

8. Pennard Orchard

Prices start at: £3,250 bell tent up to £5,550 for a large yurt
Location: fifteen minute walk from Pennard Gate
Facilities: Hot showers, toilets, food, IV drips, access to Orchard bar and restaurant communal areas, Pampering team
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)

9. Willow Meadows Glastonbury Glamping

Prices start at: £499 (pitch your own) up to £2,799 for an bespoke cabin
Location: 10 to 15 minute walk to Gate D
Facilities: flushing toilets, cubicle hot showers, food and drink area
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)

10. pilton Hill Campsite

Prices start at: Pilton hill has a range of prices best checked on their website due to options but cheapest we could find for one adult is £17 per night from Tuesday plus £100 for tent pitch
Location: Site is 1.6 miles from gate A/Bronze Gate. various transport options available, walking is possible along public lane for the same distance
Facilities: Hot showers & ‘posh’ flushing toilets in the Crossways Inn yards from the site, running water, two sinks
Ticket included: no (you must have a festival ticket)

Benefits of Glamping at Glastonbury Festival

No need to Bring lots of camping gear

One of the biggest benefits of staying in an off-site glamping or camping site is that you don’t have to lug all of your gear from the car/coach aaalllll the way across the festival to your campsite!

You just arrive, check-in and get shown to your accommodation. Stress-free, you’ll be sipping cider before you know it.

Dedicated Car Parking next to the Accommodation

You won’t have to use the standard Glastonbury Festival carparks because all of the off-site accommodation offer car parking space (for an additional fee) that’s extremely close to where you’ll be staying.

Hospitality Access (But Not all Accommodation Offers this)

Many off-site accommodation providers can offer hospitality tickets for an additional price. Their respective websites should have this information. Hospitality access in Glastonbury Festival allows you access to ‘that bit between The Pyramid Stage and The Other Stage’ and many other shortcuts throughout the festival.

Hot Showers, Flushing Toilets & Facilities

Who doesn’t want a refreshing shower after a day of dancing, jumping and raving? Flushing toilets are a luxury that will make every other festivalgoer jealous!

Read our guide on how to survive festival toilets here.

Extra Security

Offsite accommodation at Glastonbury Festival is not accessible to regular festivalgoers. Only other guests will have access, which gives you extra security that you won’t have random drunks wandering through your campsite!

Read our guide on tent security at music festivals.

Transport to & From the Festival Gates

As these accommodation options are all offsite, this means that you’re staying outside the fence. You’ll have to enter and leave the festival gates to access your accommodation.

However, all of these offsite campsites and glamping place offer transport to/from the festival gates 24 hours per day.

Extra Special Facilities

There are even swimming pools, bars, campfires, barbecues and health spas you can make use of! Such luxury!

Other Local Accommodation Near Glastonbury Festival

Hotels and B&Bs

You could choose to stay in a hotel or B&B nearby, but they do get booked up quickly. Prices are also inflated due to the popularity of the festival.

You’ll have to book early, and arrange for transport to/from the festival each day as well.

But on the plus side, you get to arrive refreshed and have access to hot showers and toilets.


You could also try Airbnb as well, but like regular hotels, expect these to be booked up in advance with inflated prices.

Local Holiday Rentals

Many locals offer their house as paid accommodation for the duration of the festival. Lots of celebrities actually make use of people’s houses as a base when the festival is on!

Worthy View

Worthy View is official Glastonbury Accommodation. Ticketholders can purchase a pre-erected scout tent or bell tent. There is no bedding or furniture provided so you’ll have to bring your own.

There are also showers, toilets and food options available in Worthy View that are not available to regular festivalgoers.

However, Worthy View is technically ‘off-site’ camping so you’ll have to leave through a gate to come and go. There is a rather treacherous hill involved in accessing Worthy View.

It’s tough going in hot weather but downright dangerous in wet conditions!

As its name suggests, you do get a lovely view of the entire festival up there. It feels secluded and private too.

Campervan Fields in Glastonbury

Even if you don’t own a campervan, you can hire one locally and have it delivered to the festival ready for you!

Only ticketholders can purchases campervan passes at an additional cost.

Tipi Fields in Glastonbury

There are a limited number of tipis available for hire inside Glastonbury Festival. They’re in a great location too – just off the railway track and close to the stone circle and Park areas.

They are available for hire from SeeTickets for ticketholders only. Like Worthy View, they include no furniture or bedding and they’re very basic inside.

Camp Inside Glastonbury Festival

Why not just camp inside with all the festivalgoers? There are some fantastic areas to camp inside the festival!

Pennard Hill for party animals, opposite the pyramid stage for headliners, South Park for some peace and quiet. There are tonnes more options too!

A sea of tents at a festival - best self-inflating sleeping mats
Look at this sea of tents – there’s room for one more!

Check out our picks for the best festival sleeping bag and self-inflating mattresses for some added comfort.

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Summary: Glamping at Glastonbury Festival

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing accommodation at Glastonbury Festival! Please try to remember that accommodation is included with your ticket price (assuming that you bring your own tent) – Glastonbury is very free and open festival without barriers and closed campsites.

If you choose to stay off-site, you are literally off-site. E.g. you are not inside the festival.

For the best atmosphere, camp inside the fence. If that’s really not your thing, then fortunately there are plenty of glamping options available to you!

However, you may prefer the thought of staying off-site for a place to retreat to. The choice is yours.

Have a great festival!

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