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Best festival showers for camping

If the thought of going without a shower is something you’re not fond of, then you’ll be pleased to know that affordable portable festival shower kits exist! Finding the right shower for music festivals can be the difference between having an amazing time and a horrible one. If you’re at a campsite, you’re probably going to want a portable camp shower. These are excellent for freshening up after a long, hot day in the hot, sweaty British sunshine!

Showering at festivals: What you need to know

Most people are quite happy to go for 4-5 days without showering at a festival, opting for a basic flannel or wet wipe wash at the tent instead. Wet wipes are not biodegradable and really bad for the environment. Washing with warm water is more refreshing too, so some festival goers will make use of the limited shower facilities or bring their own portable festival shower kits for a bit of extra luxury!

You may also want a tent to actually shower in for some privacy! And to make sure you don’t soak all of your campsite neighbours too!

Most portable camping showers need to be hung up as mentioned below, or if you are just not a big fan of showering in the open? Then pick up a shower tent! providing privacy and the envy of everyone else around you.

Best overall festival shower: RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag 5 gallons/20L Solar Heating Premium Camping
Image from Amazon

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag

  • Gravity powered 
  • 5 gallons/20 liters 
  • Temperature up to 45 degrees in 3 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Temperature indicator.
  • Shower head has high medium and low settings
  • Strong hanging top handle and side velcro straps for the shower head keeping your hands free to clean.

Our thoughts

The Risepro festival shower has the ease of use and comfort features to stand out from the rest in its price range and above, while still being one of the cheaper options. Its robust build will keep it going festival after festival.

Best Budget Festival shower: Milestone Camping Portable Solar

Milestone Camping 20739 20L Heated Compact Portable Solar Power Shower,
Image from Amazon

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag

  • Gravity powered 
  • 5 gallons/20 liters
  • Temperature up to 40 degrees in 3 hours of direct sunlight. 
  • Handle can be used to hang the shower up or for a strong friend to hold!

Our thoughts

Cheap and cheerful as the saying goes! This design has been a staple shower for festival goers since hygiene became more of a concern compared to festival years gone by…. Thankfully!  

Best pump-pressure festival shower: WADEO Portable Pressure Shower

WADEO Solar Shower, Portable Pressure Shower Outdoor Shower Bag 12L
Image from Amazon

WADEO Solar Shower, Portable Pressure Shower

  • Pump-stored pressure power (attach foot pump, pump until bag is inflated and go)
  • 12 liters 
  • Water level window
  • Temperature gauge 
  • 2 – 3 hours of direct sunlight needed to heat up fully Comes with storage bag 

Our thoughts

We love this foot pump and hand held trigger system. This updated way of providing a great flow without needing electricity is exactly what any festival goer needs, removing the need to hang the bag you just fill it, pump it, warm it and go. No need to fumble about to get a quick wash before/after the day’s excitement, you have full control over how much and where the water goes.

Best affordable battery power festival shower: OPWAY Camping Shower Kit

TOPWAY Portable Camping Shower Kit 3.7V USB Rechargeable Car Washing
Image from Amazon

OPWAY Portable Camping Shower Kit

  • Includes a hook and a suction cup
  • Quality electric USB rechargeable pump
  • Will pump out of any standing water storage – read more below
  • Lightweight

Our thoughts

A clever and practical way of showering at a festival, you just drop the pump into any standing container of water and away you go! Being rechargeable means no worries about missing out on a quick refresh. Although you will need to have a container of water to go with it, we recommend this collapsible bucket tha’s strong and easy to transport with the attached handles. 

Best splurge festival shower: Tadomoe Camping Shower

Tadomoe Camping Shower, 4Gallons/15L Portable Shower Bag with Portable Pump,
Image from Amazon

Tadomoe Camping Shower with Portable Shower Pump

  • This shower has it all and will make you the envy of all the sweaty unwashed masses
  • Rechargeable pump with LED display showing PSI and water temperature
  • Automatic pump keeps pressure constant 
  • Flashlight built in to display unit just in case
  • Heated by the sun with a temperature gauge
  • Shower head has a trigger system allowing you to have either constant spray or manual control

Our thoughts

If you want luxury and ease of use look no further. The Tadomoe Camping Shower has the LED display unit containing a pump, psi gauge that automatically keeps the pressure at 6psi making sure that until the water runs out you will have the same flow rate from start to finish.

The handy LED flashlight will help in case you find yourself showering in the dark for some reason. When your shower is done the shower packs away with all the bits into a convenient carry bag.

Care for your shower after the festival!

Camping showers can be useful after the festival is over, they can be used to help clean other things, like your car to the muddy dog. But you have to keep it in good condition. Most camping equipment is not ‘single use’ so it can be used again and again.

Ss soon as you are home, hang your shower on a washing line or on a bathroom rail, open it up fully to help it dry out use a clean towel if possible. This will prevent mould and stale smells settling in, which will cause the shower to degrade.

Avoid using strong or fragranced cleaners inside the shower bag as this can taint the water or damage the bag itself causing it to rip when filled up! Don’t use bleach either, it’s not needed.

Reuse, repair, recycle! Don’t leave it behind!

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Conclusion: portable showers at festivals

You don’t need to bring a portable shower kit with you, but if you really can’t stand the thought of going without a shower for a few days then a portable shower is the answer.

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