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This website is for first-time festivalgoers. We’ve got you! If you’re not sure what to expect, what to pack or how to even approach the idea of camping in a field for 5 days, why not start with one of these handy guides? 👇

Best Folding Festival Trolley
Ultimate Beginner's Festival Survival Guide
Festival Toilet Survival Guide
Tent Security Tips
Wellies Vs. Walking Boots at Festivals

Every year over 1.5 million of us will rock up to a music festival for a weekend away with our friends. We will sleep in tents under the stars, get sunburned, rained on, fear for our lives in the toilets, drink non-stop and dance until our whole bodies ache – only to do it all over again the next day, and the next… That’s not a description of my life, just an average music festival-goers. If you’re going to one this year then chances are you’ll be a seasoned veteran who’s been to hundreds of festivals or someone who’s trying their very first one.

Everyone goes for different reasons; for those who have been before it’s usually about seeing their favourite bands, having the time of their lives, getting “off their face” and making sure they’ve got a new funny story to go back home and tell everyone. For some it’s more than that – it’s about having the social experience of going with, as well as meeting, so many new people with similar personalities and interests as yourself, who will become your next best friends forever (or at least until next years festival).

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