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The Essential Festival Packing List 2022

Here is the ultimate Festival Packing list for 2024! This is a very general list and it’s aimed at men, women, non-binaries, genderfluid people and absolutely everyone. If you have any questions, drop a comment below!

The Essentials

  • Ticket
  • Money (plus hidden emergency money)
  • Medication
  • Condoms (if you really wanna go there at a place where no one washes…)
  • Mobile phone*
  • Power bank (here’s a list of the best festival power banks)
  • Sun cream
  • Re-fillable water bottle
  • A small backpack or bumbag/utility belt to carry your bits around all day and night
  • A backpack to put everything in

*It’s usually fine to bring your regular smartphone to a festival and treat it like you usually would (carefully!) If you’re really nervous about breaking it then get yourself an old brick like this one for under £20!

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Camping Equipment

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Optional Camping Equipment

Personal Hygiene

* Wet wipes are not biodegradable, so only use them when you must and DON’T put them in the toilets.
** You can also stick your head under the water taps and wash your hair with actual shampoo if you prefer.

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We’re not assuming anyone’s gender here, so keeping it gender neutral.

This section is a guide. When it comes to clothing, let common sense prevail, remember that you have to carry everything! Brings items that you can layer-up and mix-and-match to vary your options without having to bring extra outfit choices (for you fashion conscious young’uns!)

Also: the weather! You’ll no doubt be obsessively checking the hourly forecast in the days running up to the festival. Remember, the weather can be unreliable. In the British Summertime, the sun can feel very hot and burn you easily. Intermittent clouds can be deceptively warm, yet downpours are devastating in an open field with no shelter.

What I’m trying to say is pack for all weathers. You don’t want to be caught out.

  • 2 pairs of trousers/leggings
  • 3-4 t-shirts or vest tops
  • A hoodie
  • A jumper (for layering)
  • Shorts (for warm weather)
  • An outer waterproof warm coat (with pockets!)
  • Pack-it Jacket
  • Enough socks (1-2 pairs per day)
  • Long knee-high socks (for wellies)
  • Enough underwear

Top tip: Stash away a spare outfit at the bottom of your bag or in the boot of your car, just in case everything gets soaked or otherwise unwearable for your journey home.

Clothes to Leave at Home

Jeans, or anything denim for that matter. Jeans take ages to dry if they get wet. Limit the amount of denim you bring unless you’re guaranteed sunny weather, then you can bring your hot pants 😉

Anything expensive or easily damaged.

Anything with too many buttons or fastenings that makes going to the toilet awkward and time-consuming (girls in playsuits, I’m looking at you!)

Items that are bulky, heavy or take up a lot of space in your bag.


Again, this is weather dependent. You will need substantial and sturdy footwear as you’ll be doing a lot of walking, dancing, jumping and otherwise standing around. Flimsy shoes just won’t cut it here.

Pro tip: If you have new shoes especially for the festival, make sure you break them in for a few weeks beforehand! This is essential for walking boots. Bring Compeed Blister Plasters as a precaution. A blister on your foot will make your festival experience very challenging. Trust me.

But, here is a brief overview of what footwear you should consider:


For excessive rain and mud, you will need wellies. Sadly, it’s a fact. If there is mud that’s squelchy and full of puddles then wellies are your only option. It’s always sensible to bring a pair of wellies to any British festival as the weather can change very quickly.

If you’re wearing wellies, you will need socks that are longer than the boot. Otherwise, the wellies will rub against your calf and it’s not pleasant.

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Walking boots

For light rain, showers and medium levels of mud, walking boots are more than sufficient. Make sure you’ve fully broken them in first.

You should wear thick walking socks inside your festival walking boots. You can buy Gaitors to go over the top of your walking boots to help with keeping water and mud off the bottom of your legs.


For fine and totally dry weather, these will be fine. As long as they fully cover your feet because the toilet areas may be wet underfoot (yuck).

Footwear to Leave at Home

  • High heels
  • Strappy sandals
  • Flip-flops

Fun stuff

Fun stuff to Leave at Home

Portable sound system – seriously, there is enough music at a festival. Also, people will be trying to sleep in campsites, so be considerate.

A guitar – again, unless you’re performing, leave the music to the festival organisers and enjoy it!

Drugs. They’re illegal.

Food and drink

Best Festival Hydration Packs

A stylish way to stay refreshed in the heat!

Festival AF Hydration Backpack

  • 2l internal hydration bladder
  • External zipped pockets to keep your sunscreen and other bits
  • Handy drinking straw in the perfect position
  • No need to worry about lugging around a cumbersome water bottle

Most festivals have a plentiful selection of food and drink available for purchase at a fairly extortionate price. If you want to save money, bringing your own food and drink is advisable. Water taps will always be free, so bring a refillable water bottle.

Check the festival’s rules first, some have limits on how much food and drink that you’re allowed to bring – especially with alcohol. All glass is prohibited, so decant any food or drink from glass containers into plastic.

Bring your required amount of alcohol and soft drinks. Bring alcohol in cans for carrying around the festival (if that’s allowed) and large plastic bottles for keeping at your tent.

Cereal bars, nuts, and biscuits are good for keeping in your tent for quick snacks in the morning or before bed when you can’t be bothered to go out on the hunt for food.

Pot Noodles, Instant Pasta and other food that requires hot water to make is also good. Most food stalls will let you have hot water for a few pennies or free for your instant meal.

If you’re planning on cooking (make sure you check the rules on this) then you’ll need a small portable stove and the correct fuel.

Food to leave at home

Cheese, milk, eggs or any other food that needs to be kept in the fridge.

Glass jars, bottles or containers.

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