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Glastonbury Alternatives

Glasto Blues are really setting in now. The wonderful festival is done and dusted (literally) for another year. But some of us don’t want the party to stop, so if you’re looking for new festival experiences – we’ve got some great Glastonbury alternatives to satisfy those post-festival cravings!

Glastonbury Festival is notoriously difficult to get tickets for, but there are dozens of other festivals across the UK with similar vibes.

We get it – there’s nothing quite the same scale as Glastonbury, but the festival atmosphere is alive and well across so many well-planned events, with equal levels of care an attention that you can expect at Glasto.

Glastonbury is like 10-12 festivals squeezed into one, as there’s something for everyone. Depending on your music tastes, why not check out some of these incredible Glastonbury Alternatives!

Glastonbury Alternatives – Can Other Festivals Beat The Best Place On Earth!?

Ah, Glastonbury – the granddaddy of all music festivals, where magic, music, and mud create a heady cocktail that’s as legendary as it is elusive. If you’ve been under its spell, you know that the Glasto blues are REAL.

Whether you missed out on tickets or are yearning for something to keep the post-Glasto glow alive, fret not my friends, because the world of music festivals is as vast and varied as the tunes that fill the air! 🎶

In today’s treasure trove of a post, we’ll embark on a musical odyssey, exploring spectacular festivals that could give Glastonbury a run for its money!

These gems might not be Glastonbury, but they have their own distinct charms, spellbinding line-ups, and vibes that can make your heart sing. Whether you’re a die-hard rock enthusiast, an indie lover, or someone who likes to groove to eclectic beats, we’ve got you covered. 🌟

So, lace up your wellies, don your flower crowns, and let’s waltz through the fields of alternative music festivals that will make your soul soar and banish the Glasto blues! 🚀

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1. 2000 Trees

If you loved watching bands at Avalon, The Pyramid Stage, The Other Stage, Woodsies, Crow’s Nest or GreenPeace, you’ll love 2000 Trees!

Rock and indie fans rejoice!

Let’s take a moment to chat about an absolute gem nestled in the heart of the glorious British countryside – the 2000 Trees Festival! If you’re an aficionado of new and underground music, this one’s for you. 🌳

Back in 2007, a bunch of friends, disappointed by the ever-increasing corporate influence over big music festivals, decided to create something more authentic and intimate. Their love for music was the seed and, boy, has it grown into a mighty oak! The 2000 Trees Festival has since become an annual pilgrimage for music lovers seeking a genuine festival experience.

Taking place in Upcote Farm, located near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 2000 Trees is spread across a luscious green landscape perfect for setting up tents and grooving to the tunes. The rolling hills, clean air, and scenic views are nothing short of magical, and provide the perfect backdrop for 3 days of non-stop music.

2. Boomtown Fair

If you like Arcadia, Shangri-La, Block 9, The Park, The Levels and Silver Hayes – you’ll love Boomtown! It’s just like the South East Corner of Glastonbury!

Pack your bags and don your most fabulous festival attire because we’re diving into the world of Boomtown Fair! A place where creativity knows no bounds and every corner is a doorway to a new adventure. 🚀

Boomtown Fair, my friends, is not your average music festival. It’s a living, breathing, fictitious city where each “chapter” is an unfolding storyline! Founded in 2009, it takes place annually at the Matterley Estate in Hampshire, England. This five-day extravaganza is the ultimate escapade for anyone looking to break the monotony and dive into an alternate reality.

The festival ground is divided into various districts, each with its own unique theme, décor, and musical genre. Whether you’re into reggae, drum & bass, folk, techno, or ska, there’s a district calling your name! The stages and sets are like nothing you’ve seen before, with out-of-this-world designs and mesmerizing light shows. It’s like stepping into a movie set!

What makes Boomtown Fair truly unique is the assortment of characters that populate the city. As you wander through the streets, you’ll encounter theatrical performances, engage in interactive experiences and might even become a part of the ongoing storyline.

3. Shambala

If you found yourself up in the Healing Fields, Craft Field, and GreenPeace areas, then you’ll find similar vibes at Shambala!

Shambala started gracing our summers in the year 2000, and ever since, it has been spreading its vibrant wings of creativity. This festival is less about big-name headliners and more about discovering a medley of musical genres from around the world. Expect to groove to everything from funk and soul to electro-swing and afrobeat!

One of the standout features of Shambala is its themed fancy dress parade, dubbed ‘Adventures in Utopia’. Each year, festival-goers are encouraged to get their creative juices flowing and dress up according to a chosen theme.

From mythical creatures to retro-futuristic ensembles, the possibilities are endless. It’s like Halloween, but with even more pizzazz!

Shambala’s beating heart is its sense of community. The festival is family-friendly, and there’s a strong emphasis on connecting, not just through music and art, but through shared values and aspirations. It’s about making friends, inspiring, and being inspired.

Shambala walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. They’ve said goodbye to disposable plastics, they power the stages with 100% renewable energy, and the food traders are required to use only sustainably-sourced ingredients. Shambala was also the first UK festival to go meat and fish-free – that’s dedication!

4. Kendal Calling

Get ready to step into the Lake District’s most jubilant celebration – Kendal Calling! This award-winning festival has been setting the gorgeous Lowther Deer Park abuzz with euphoric vibes since 2006. Let’s lace up our dancing shoes and find out why Kendal Calling has become a must-visit event in the UK’s festival calendar. 🦌

First off, the setting itself is a huge part of the allure. Kendal Calling takes place in the midst of the serene Lake District, surrounded by a lush, green landscape. This picturesque location, with its rolling hills and clear skies, creates an atmosphere that makes you feel alive, even before the music hits your ears!

Kendal Calling has a history of boasting incredibly diverse line-ups. From indie-rock to electronic, and folk to pop, there’s something for everyone. It’s not just about the music, though – the festival is known for bringing a mix of comedy, art, and entertainment, making sure there’s never a dull moment.

5. End Of The Road

Held annually at the Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset, End Of The Road is an enchanting festival is the perfect way to bid farewell to summer and welcome the autumnal embrace. 🍂

End Of The Road started making hearts sing in 2006, born out of a desire to create a festival that feels like a gathering of friends. There’s a distinct air of intimacy here, which makes you feel like you’re part of something truly special. It’s less about the razzle-dazzle and more about the pure, unadulterated love for music and community.

What’s truly wonderful about End Of The Road is the carefully curated line-up. It’s well-known for shining a spotlight on emerging artists, while also boasting some cherished, established acts. From indie rock and folk to experimental sounds, the diversity is soul-stirring. The festival’s woodland setting further enhances the experience, with stages nestled amongst the trees – it’s like the forest is singing along with you.

But wait, there’s more! End Of The Road isn’t just a treat for the ears, but for the mind and soul too. The festival showcases an array of comedy acts, literary talks, and film screenings. Whether you’re looking to laugh, ponder, or explore new narratives, there’s something to tickle your fancy.

6. Green Man

If you frequented Glastonbury’s Green Fields – you’ll be right at home at Green Man in Wales!

Since its inception in 2003, Green Man has been enchanting festival-goers with its unique blend of indie, folk, and alternative music. But here’s the twist – this festival is not just about the tunes, it’s about the entire enchanting experience. Surrounded by lush mountains and ancient forests, you can feel the land’s legends whispering in the wind.

Green Man boasts an impeccably curated lineup, celebrating the best of indie and folk, with a splash of genres from psych to Americana. The festival has an uncanny knack for spotlighting emerging artists just on the cusp of greatness. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying, “I saw them before they were huge” a few years down the line!

Steeped in folklore, Green Man embraces its mythical namesake with gusto. Don’t miss the iconic burning of the Green Man effigy, a symbolic and captivating tradition that brings the festival to its crescendo.

Inquisitive minds, rejoice! ‘Einstein’s Garden’ is Green Man’s science and nature hub, offering a delightful cocktail of experiments, talks, and interactive installations. Whether you’re a science buff or just curious, this is your chance to learn something new amidst the festivities.

So, fellow wanderers, if you’re yearning for a festival that feeds not just your ears, but your heart, soul, and mind, let the Green Man be your guide. In this land of music and myth, you’re not just a spectator, but a part of the living tapestry that weaves us all together. 🍃

7. Latitude Festival

Get ready to set your spirit free, as today we’re diving into the world of Latitude Festival – a vibrant celebration of music, arts, and culture, bathed in a rainbow of colours!

Set in the gorgeous Henham Park in Suffolk, Latitude is a midsummer dream that brings together the joy of discovery and the warmth of a community. 🌈

Latitude Festival burst onto the scene in 2006, and oh boy, has it grown! It’s not just a music festival; it’s an extravaganza of arts, with music, comedy, poetry, theatre, and more. Latitude is like a multifaceted gem, where each turn reveals something new and exciting.

At Latitude, the music flows like a river through varied landscapes. Whether you’re an indie aficionado, a rock enthusiast, or have a soft spot for acoustic melodies, Latitude’s line-up has something to make your heart sing. Not to mention, the beautiful lake-side setting of the main stage makes the experience even more ethereal.

Looking for giggles and guffaws? Latitude’s comedy line-up is no laughing matter! With some of the finest comedians gracing the stage, it’s a golden opportunity to laugh till your sides ache amidst the picturesque surroundings.

One of Latitude’s standout features is its dedication to the spoken word. The festival’s poetry arena is a haven for wordsmiths and literature lovers. It’s where you can be moved by the power of words, as poets and authors share their craft beneath the canopy of trees.

Latitude’s vibrant arts scene is one for the books. From mesmerizing theatre performances and dance to thought-provoking art installations, Latitude is a treasure chest for the creatively inclined.

8. Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days came into being in 2003, thanks to the beloved folk-rock band The Levellers. Imagined as a celebration of not just music but the very essence of community, Beautiful Days is like a love letter to fans. It’s got that grassroots vibe, where the air is thick with joy and you can feel the heart in every note.

One of the charms of Beautiful Days is its masterful mix of musical genres. With a particular soft spot for folk and rock, the festival also dances through punk, reggae, and world music. And of course, The Levellers’ own performance is always a highlight, uniting the crowd in a symphony of celebration.

Every year, Beautiful Days blooms with a new theme, adding an extra layer of excitement. From mythical creatures to pirates, the themes invite festival-goers to don costumes and let their imaginations run wild. The Saturday night theme parade is a sight to behold!

As you wander through the grounds, be prepared to stumble upon pop-up performances, art installations, and interactive workshops. The Theatre Tent is the heart of this, where performances range from the hilarious to the thought-provoking.

Beautiful Days embraces families with open arms. The dedicated Children’s Area is a wonderland, with craft workshops, storytelling, and games. Plus, there’s a whole area for teens! It’s the kind of place where lifelong memories are forged and imaginations take flight.

Beautiful Days takes the environment seriously. With initiatives to reduce waste, encourage recycling, and educate festival-goers, it’s clear that love for Mother Earth is part of the festival’s heartbeat.

9. Secret Garden Party

The award-winning Secret Garden Party is a much-loved and a truly independent event, offering 4 days of immersive entertainment and camping, with the focus on championing new and creative ideas.

This sparkling gem was a festival like no other; a place where you could let your hair down, paint your face, and revel in music and creativity without boundaries. Let’s take a whirlwind tour through the wonder that was Secret Garden Party. ✨

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Secret Garden Party, lovingly known as SGP, began its whimsical journey in 2004 in the verdant heart of Cambridgeshire. Picture this: a sprawling garden and lakeside escape, teeming with colourful stages, mysterious wooded hideaways, and floating dance floors.

SGP was a haven for eclectic music tastes. From indie to electronica, reggae to rock, the line-up was a smorgasbord of sounds. And it wasn’t just about big names; the festival was famed for showcasing emerging talents and avant-garde performers.

One of the things that set SGP apart was its love affair with fancy dress and themes. Each year’s theme transformed the festival into a fantastical landscape, whether it be superheroes, folklore, or the downright bizarre!

Will You Be Checking Out Any of These Glastonbury Alternatives?

We’ve ventured through verdant fields, danced under the moonlight, and discovered musical gems that offer a different kind of magic to soothe those Glasto blues. Each festival we explored is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of music, community, and pure, unadulterated joy. 🌟

So next time Glastonbury seems like a distant dream, remember that the world is brimming with alternatives, each with its own brand of enchantment. Whether you decide to lose yourself in the depths of a woodland gig or laugh out loud at a comedy tent, these festivals are here to make your heart skip a beat (or two!). 💖

Before you dash off to grab your tickets and pack your bags, let’s make a festival promise: to embrace the spirit of togetherness, to dance like no one’s watching, and to let music heal our souls.

Thanks for joining me on this euphoric journey. May your festival days be filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable melodies.

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