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Secret Garden Party

The award-winning Secret Garden Party is a much-loved and a truly independent event, offering 4 days of immersive entertainment and camping, with the focus on championing new and creative ideas.

20-23 July 2023
Near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Situated in a beautiful location by a shimmering lake it offers over 10 live music and dj stages, a multitude of games, parades, performances, secret happenings, thought-provoking art installations, delicious food and drink, outdoor swimming, stunning unique visual displays and much much more. It is all lovingly curated with meticulous attention to detail.

The intention is to transport ‘gardeners’ into a temporary magical parallel world in which they can reawaken a carefree sense of childish fun and playfulness.

By popular demand, this year sees the return of the incredibly competitive Dance Off, where contestants vie for the prestigious top award. There’s Chai Wallahs, Feast of Fools, Secret FM, Small World, The Drop, The DogHouse, The Living Room (acoustic), the (now infamous) secret bar, an even larger Pagoda dance stage overlooking the Lake, and a new version of the Collosillyum, reborn as The Circus Maximus and hosted by renowned inclusive party organisers He.She.They.

This year also sees a fun-packed north field with parades, wild swimming, immersive theatre, aerial displays, and luxe boutique camping experiences. As always, there will be the iconic paint fight and fireworks spectacle in the main arena, plus art installations and many silly games.

With highly acclaimed live acts to a full DJ line-up (plus a very healthy stack of DnB on offer) for 2023 there’s certain to be intergalactic space stations to suit all tastes. The line up includes: Underworld, The Libertines, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Roisin Murphy, Leftfield, 2Manydjs,De La Soul, Peaches, and Grandmaster Flash.

So here are 3 more reasons to attend this incredible party this summer:

1. The Line-Up is Next-level Good

Headlining this year are The Libertines, Underworld & Fat Freddy’s Drop and they will be joined by a plethora of bands, live acts and DJs to suit a full range of musical tastes.

Line ups can make or break a festival, but this year – Secret Garden Party have got it spot on.

2. Truly Magical Art Installations

Let’s not forget the art. These art installations ain’t just decorations, they’re gateways into uncharted dimensions, a feast for your eyes and soul. Secret Garden Party’s crew has extreme levels of attention to detail to offer endless surprise and delight to festivalgoers (aka gardeners)

Remember when you were a kid and stumbled upon a secret hideaway in your backyard or local park? You know, that place where your imagination could run wild and you felt a sense of wonder?

That’s the Secret Garden Party festival, but for adults. The thrill of discovering an unexpected experience around each corner, it’s like being Alice lost in Wonderland.

3. It’s held in a Stunning Location

Mill Hill Field in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire is an idyllic location for a festival as scenic as Secret Garden Party. You’ll be partying your heart out on the lush landscapes of a swanky Georgian farmhouse, complete with its own serene lakes and a cool, flowing river.

Plus, it’s got beautifully manicured gardens that’ll take your breath away. Sounds unreal, right?

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