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Festival skincare tips

Let’s talk about festival skincare tips. If you’re worried about maintaining your meticulous skincare routine when you’re at your next festival, this article is for you!

Going to a festival is such an exhilarating experience. It’s not just about the festival itself, all of the preparation and build up is part of the fun.

However, it can be stressful and anxiety-inducing at the same time, especially if you’re not familiar with camping.

If, like many, you’re a fan of your ‘home comforts’ then you’re probably wondering how you’re going to cope without having your usual facilities at your fingertips.

When you’re camping at a music festival, you probably don’t have a mirror, a plug socket or any of the usual items you rely on for taking care of your skin and hair.

However, you can adapt! It’s easy to adapt your skincare routine to suit a festival environment and camping in a tent.

Let’s get started with these awesome festival skincare tips!

Don’t Forget your Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important things you can do for your skin when you’re at a festival – even if it’s cloudy.

You may not appreciate how much of the UV rays your skin will soak up when you’re outdoors pretty much 24/7 for 4-5 days in a row.

Getting a sun tan can cause dark spots and premature ageing, even though you think that a tan looks healthy – it isn’t! Plus, you need to protect yourself against sunburn.

Sleeping on an inflatable mattress with sunburn is not fun – trust me.

Make sure you wear a broad spectrum, high SPF sun screen (at least SPF 30) and remember to apply it to places such as your:

  • Ears
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Hands

Bring a different sunscreen for your face and body.

Remember to Re-Apply Your Sunscreen Every 2-3 hours

Time flies when you’re having fun! Set a reminder on your phone or watch to remind yourself to reapply your sunscreen.

Sunscreen only lasts for a couple of hours on your skin, so to avoid getting burned, remember to reapply it!

Stay Hydrated

Water! It’s your skin’s best friend!

If your body is dehydrated, your skin will show it.

Get yourself a reusable water bottle and keep it filled up to hydrate your skin from the inside out.

Glastonbury Water Kiosk
Lookout for kiosks like these – don’t forget your reusable bottle!

Remove Any Makeup And Glitter Before Crashing Out at Night

Who doesn’t love glitter at a festival?! The holographic bits of plastic are so eye-catching and capture the vibe perfectly.

But glitter is a right pain in the arse. It’s almost impossible to remove and its jagged edge can irritate your skin.

If you’re a self-glitter-er at a festival, make sure you remove it using an oil-based cleanser before crashing out at night.

Your skin will thank you.

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Don’t Bring Products In Glass Containers

It’s super common for people to forget about this, but glass is actually not permitted at most music festivals.

Glass is dangerous if it gets broken and could cause harm to wildlife. But what about skincare, perfume and makeup products that are in glass containers?

It may surprise you to know that these are not permitted. So, if you’re searched at the gate and they’re found, they may get confiscated.

There’s always a few posts in Facebook Groups when people are upset that security confiscated their £75 Charlotte Tilbury creams – but rules are rules.

If any of your must-have skincare products are in glass containers, consider decanting them into plastic or silicone travel bottles.

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Get Yourself an “Unbreakable” Camping Mirror

Another item that’s made of glass is your mirror.

That’s not to say that your. mirrors will definitely be confiscated, but if security are strict enough then there is a risk of that happening.

If you simply can’t survive without a mirror, then check out the Magic Unbreakable Mirror (if you’ve got the cash to spare) or pick up a cheap one from Amazon instead.

Unbreakable mirrors are made from steel or plastic instead of glass.

Dproptel Stainless Steel Folding Tabletop Mirror, Unbreakable Shatterproof Small Travel

Avoid Wet Wipes If You Can Go Without Them

Wet wipes, even eco-friendly ones are actually really bad for the environment. They’re also not great for your skin.

They don’t remove dirt from your skin – they just move it around.

Instead, try micellar water or a cleansing balm to gently cleanse your skin at a festival.

Keep a Foldable Water Container Filled At Your Tent

To wash your face effectively, you’ll need water.

But how do you wash your face when you’re in a tent? 🤔

Well, it’s quite easy if you’ve got a collapsable water container that can hold a few litres of water. That way, you can fill up a small bowl and wash your face using a flannel, washcloth or reusable makeup pads.

ElifeAcc Collapsible Water Container Water Storage bag 2 Packs, Indoor

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Simplify Your Skincare Routine for the Weekend

If you rely on a lot of products as part of your skincare routine, perhaps it’s time to simplify it for a few days so you can focus on enjoying the festival.

Instead of using 3-4 different AM and PM serums, why not use 1, just for a few days?

As long as you cleanse, moisturise and use SPF then at least you’re still taking care of your skin. Then, when you return home, you can treat yourself to a more intense routine to make up for the missed days.

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Best Festival Skincare Products

Here are some of my tried & tested festival skincare favourites!

Glow Recipe Hydrating Face Mist

This is such a stunning face mist – it smells just like watermelon (but it’s not sticky) and it fits inside your bumbag and it feels sooooo refreshing to mist on your face throughout the day.

It also leaves your skin with an enviable natural glow.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Face Mist - Hyaluronic Acid
Image from Amazon

Washable Makeup Remover Pads (Pack of 20)

Forget about creating extra waste with disposable cotton wool pads. These reusable bamboo pads and ultra soft and you can wash them over and over again.

They even come with a little bag for you to store the used ones. A pack of 20 is perfect for a festival, as you’ll have enough to use 4-5 pads per day.

20 Pack Reusable Cotton Face Pads, Washable Bamboo makeup Remover
Image from Amazon

La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra SPF 50

When it comes to sunscreen, La Roche Posay is the king of kings.

You should still cover up from the sun, but this will protect your skin without all the fragrance and other ingredients in most cheaper sunscreens.

Anthelios Ultra Spf50+ S/Prof
Image from Amazon

Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick

Late night? Too much booze? A soothing eye stick is what you need!

This Peace Out eye stick has Retinol in it, which is an active ingredient with proven benefits to the skin. It’s topical Vitamin A – but it can cause sensitivity if you’re not used to it.

Peace Out Skincare Retinol Eye Stick, Daily Under Eye Retinol
Image from Amazon


Good old Vaseline is a festival skincare favourite because petroleum jelly is genuinely excellent for dry skin. It may not be the most eco-friendly option as Vaseline is made from petrochemicals, but it truly stops moisture escaping from your skin.

At a festival, your skin is exposed to all the elements. A thin layer of vaseline on top of dry patches of skin can help prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Vaseline is oily, and water cannot pass the barrier created by vaseline.

Also – it’s so cheap (although it has gotten a bit more expensive with the general price of petrol rising too…)

Image from Amazon

Juno Clean10 Cleansing Balm

Cleansing balm is one of the best and most effective ways to remove make up. It looks like a solid balm, but when when you rub it into your skin is melts into a soft oil.

Oil is great for removing makeup – then you just wipe it away afterwards for soft and nourished skin.

JUNO & Co. Clean 10 Cleansing Balm 10 Ingredients Makeup
Image from Amazon

Conclusion: Festival Skincare

It’s not easy maintaining clear and glowing skin. If you’ve spent months curating the perfect skincare routine, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice all of that for a weekend camping at a festival.

If your routine can be described as complex or high maintenance, you may have to simplify it (just for a few days).

You’ll be too busy enjoying yourself to worry about your skincare routine. Remember to keep it simple, stay hydrated and don’t forget your SPF!

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