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How to look after your feet at music festivals

There’s nothing worse than going to a music festival and having your feet hurt all weekend. This article contains tips and tricks on how to look after your feet at a festival.

If you’re off to a festival this summer, then you shouldn’t really be reading this. You should be at the festival. But I have to admit it’s always worth taking a quick look over your preparations before indulging in excessive amounts of alcohol and exposed to the likes of mud, dust and worse. One of the most important parts of going to a festival is that you remember how to use your feet!

Let’s be honest, your feet take a battering at a festival.

In fact, your feet take a battering all year round.

From wearing those uncomfortable heels at weddings to those awkwardly shaped boots you got off Shein that looked nothing like the picture.

So it’s no real surprise that after a festival you’re left with aching feet that resemble something more akin to foot and mouth disease than actual digits.

If you’re heading to a festival or any event for that matter, there are some super simple things you can do to take care of your feet and make sure you escape the dreaded blisters!

Wear Shoes That Fit

It’s so important that you wear footwear that fits your correctly. Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, swelling and pain that can ruin your whole weekend at the festival.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your shoes fit properly:

Make sure your toes are not restricted. You should be able to wiggle your toes comfortably in your shoe.

If they don’t have enough room, they may rub against each other and cause blisters or other foot problems.

Buy shoes that come up high on the ankle for added support and protection from dirt and rocks. A good pair of well-fitted boots will help prevent injury as well as keep you warm on cold nights at campgrounds and festivals.

If you’re going to be walking long distances during the day, choose well-cushioned footwear with arch support; this will reduce stress on your feet, ankles and knees while helping prevent fatigue or injury from prolonged walking over uneven terrain (like grass fields) while carrying heavy gear like backpacks or coolers full of food/drinks/beer/water bottles/etc…

Walking Boots > Wellies

Any experienced festivalgoer will tell you that you only bring your wellies out if you absolutely have to. When there are no other options. When the mud goes over the top of your ankle boots.

The truth is that so many festivalgoers jump into their wellies at the slightest hint of drizzle, and it’s just not needed.

Walking boots are sufficient in 80% of situations.

Glastonbury in 1998, 2005, 2007 and 2016 needed wellies. Download in 2018 definitely needed wellies (it was more like Drownload)

If you can avoid wellies – leave them at your tent or in the car. Walking boots are designed to support your feet. Wellies are not.

I’ve written an entire rant on walking boots vs. wellies that you can read here.

Is that mud or toxic waste? Undecided.

Make Sure Your Boots Are “Broken In”

If you’re going to your first festival then you’re probably bought yourself a pair of new walking boots for the occasion. It’s important that you give yourself enough time to wear them in before relying on them for 18-hour days of dancing and stomping around.

Try to wear your new boots around the house to start with, then go out walking somewhere grassy for a few hours with your new boots on.

The structure of the boot will start to mould itself to your feet and you’ll get used to wearing them.

Compeed Blister Plasters are a Lifesaver

There’s something special about Compeed Blister Plasters because they actually work at preventing and healing blisters.

Just bring them with you to a festival and apply it to any forming blister immediately, and thank me later.

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These bad boys will save your LIFE if you get a blister. Do NOT leave them at home!

Kinesiology Tape Also Helps Prevent Rubbing

You can also use kinesiology, sports or athletic tape on certain areas of your feet to prevent rubbing. If there’s a certain area where your boots are rubbing, such as in between your toes, on top of your foot or your heel, tape can provide some cushioning and protection here.

Kinesiology Tape 5m Roll - Sports Tape for Knee &

Proper Hiking Socks Are Essential – Bring Extras

You can never have too many pairs of socks at a festival. Bring extra pairs and make sure they’re substantial socks, not those thin cotton ones from Primark. Get chunky, proper hiking socks.

It may seem counter-intuitive to wear thicker socks in the summer months, but hiking socks are designed to be breathable when you’re on your feet for long periods.

The one exception to this is if you’re in the unfortunate position to have wellies on your feet (boo) in which case you’ll need decent welly socks. Welly socks can be folded up over the top of the welly and they help to prevent chafing.

Cushioned Memory Foam Insoles Are Excellent for Long Days

If you haven’t tried cushioned insoles yet, you’re in for a real treat.

These convenient insoles can be cut to size and slipped inside any shoe or boot for added comfort and support. They’re made of memory foam so they mould to the shape of your feet.

They support the natural arch of your foot and provide a bit of extra cushioning compared to the insoles that come with the boots.

Happystep Wide Fit Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics PU Memory Foam Insoles

Bring Comfy Slip-on ‘tent shoes’ for late night toilet trips etc

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Crocs! They’re lifesavers when your feet can’t take it anymore

Soak Your Feet If You Can

If you struggle with sore and swollen feet after a long day, why not pamper yourself back at your tent? Give your feet some TLC by soaking your feet in some warm water.

You can do this with a collapsible bowl that’s big enough for you to fit your feet in. Fill this up with warm water from a solar camping shower and add some soothing bath salts.

It may seem a bit extra, but as anyone who struggles with foot pain will tell you, it’s absolute agony, and anything that adds to your comfort level should not be sneered at.

You can’t enjoy a festival with truly sore feet, so give it a try.

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Looking After Your Feet At A Festival: Final Thoughts

Festival season has arrived and there will no doubt be thousands of people who are suffering from blistered, cracked and swollen feet.

We hope this information helps you to have a fantastic time at any festival and enjoy the experience without feet pain. With a little bit of preparation, experience, and knowledge, you’ll be able to keep your feet healthy and happy all festival season… probably for the rest of the year too!

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