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It’s almost Glastonbury time! That means it’s time to get into camping mode – asap! One of the best parts about camping is building a little campfire to sit around, so if you’re a first-timer or you haven’t been for a while, you’re probably wondering whether you’ll be able to build a small campfire at the festival.

This article has been updated with new information about the 2023 festival.

Making small fires has been part of Glastonbury tradition. On the BBC footage you can make out small campfires on the hill above The Park, or sometimes even at the back of the Pyramid field.

Do Glastonbury Still Provide Free Firewood?

In fact, Glastonbury Festival used to provide free firewood as part of the ticket price! There would also be vendors selling candles around the Stone Circle area.

However, times have changed.

Let’s explore this….

Can You Build a Fire at Glastonbury Festival?

In recent years, the tradition of making campfires at Glastonbury seems to have waned a bit.

In a Guardian article (here) it states that the 2022 festival was the first time they had any remaining firewood left over, meaning that festivalgoers didn’t use it all up.

There is also word from people on the festival site that firewood will no longer be available as from 2023.

However, it’s unclear whether small campfires will be permitted or not.

As the density of tents is pretty severe at Glastonbury, common sense kicks in for most sensible folk who will think “hmmmm, it’s best not to build a fire here, next to all this nylon…”

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To sum up, it appears that the era of building small fires at Glastonbury may be slowly fading. The festival’s ever-growing popularity means that it’s simply not safe or practical to have small campfires dotted around densely packed tent areas.

Safety, after all, should be a top priority when thousands of people are crammed into a confined space.

However, the magic of Glastonbury hasn’t faded.

Even without the warm glow of campfires, the festival’s spirit and camaraderie can’t be extinguished. You’ll find plenty of other ways to create that memorable festival atmosphere, from lanterns and fairy lights to the company of friends and the shared thrill of live music.

Here’s to embracing change and ensuring that Glastonbury remains an enjoyable, safe, and magical experience for all – fire or no fire. After all, the real spark of Glastonbury lies in its power to unite diverse groups of people through their shared love of music and celebration.

The true warmth comes from the community, not from the embers of a campfire.

If you really need that campfire experience – head over to Strummerville for some live music around a spectacular fire, check out Arcadia or catch the fireworks at the Stone Circle on Wednesday night!

So, pack your bags, ready your festival spirit, and let’s look forward to another unforgettable Glastonbury experience!

Remember, there will be plenty of warmth to be found in the company of fellow festival-goers, the exhilarating performances, and of course, the iconic Glastonbury spirit! Fire or no fire, Glastonbury promises to light up your summer in the best way possible!

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