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Can you bring your own food to Glastonbury festival?

So, you’re heading to Glastonbury Festival this summer and you’re wondering if you can bring your own food, right? Well, the short answer is yes, you can! But, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Festival food is amazing and there’s so much choice for people with an array of different dietary requirements.

However, at Glastonbury in particular the food prices are quite high. A decent meal with a soft drink could cost £12-£15. So, buying the delicious festival food isn’t for everyone.

food prices at festivals

So, it’s common for people to want to bring their own food to a festival such as Glastonbury.

Can You Bring Your Own Food TO Glastonbury Festival?

Yes, you can bring your own food, drink and snacks to Glastonbury. In fact, most festivalgoers bring a supply of tent snacks – it’s just common sense.

However, it is also possible to cook all your own food on a small camping stove (weather permitting) which is great for those on a tight budget (festival food can get pricey).

First of all, you’ll want to make sure that the food you bring is non-perishable if possible or long life, think UHT milk carton instead of refrigerated milk.

And, make sure it’s easy to transport, because you will be carrying it in!

Although, easy to transport is not just making sure your food is in a decent cooler bag that’s easy to carry, but that it’s also wrapped and contained properly so nothing spills or falls out on the bumpy, and sometimes muddy path to your camp ground.

Read our full list of the best foods to bring to a festival here.

Leave No Trace

Another thing to consider is that Glastonbury has a rather well known “Leave No Trace” policy, which means that you will need to dispose of any packaging correctly.

Glastonbury Festival organisers recommend removing additional packaging at home so you can be sure it gets recycled.

When it comes to packaging, you could transfer some of your food to more suitable camping containers like plastic takeaway tubs, zip lock bags or even just wrapped in foil.

What Food Should You Bring To Glastonbury Festival?

You will never know when hunger will hit, and if you are in your tent far from the food stalls, you will be glad you brought something to at least snack on

But, you can cook food at Glastonbury Festival at your camp, we wrote a whole post about it that you can see here: How To Cook Your Own Food At A Music Festival

We have put together a list below, including lots of different ideas on what to take. Sometimes it’s best to take things that you already have at home, rather than going out and buying more than you need or things you may not like!

Some of the items on our little menu will need cooking!

Quick camping food:

  • Instant noodles and pasta
  • Canned foods like soups and the infamous beans.
  • Boil in the bag rice
  • Dehydrated meals
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Snacks (granola bars, trail mix, crisps)
  • Fruit
  • Meat jerky/biltong
  • Sliced bread (for toasting or dipping in soup)
  • Cheese and crackers!
  • Vegetarian frozen sausages, burgers and any other frozen meat replacements. These last longer than meat counterparts and are safer in general.
  • Pre made sandwiches, rolls or baguettes!
  • Eggs.
  • Dried/cured meats.
  • Marinated/preserved meats and vegetables.
  • Veggies for grilling.
  • Pre made food that can be warmed later like cous cous, pasta and potatoes
  • Herbs, spices and flavouring.
  • Small bottle of oil for cooking with.
  • Raw potato, cut it in to chips, add seasoning and fry in a pan! lots of options with a potato especially if you have foil.
TWISTD Flavour Co. East Indian Spiced Cous Cous jar, 1.5kg
Couscous is a great choice because it cooks so quickly, it’s filling and can be seasoned

There are so many possibilities in what you can take, I’ve seen festival goers having full on BBQ’s or heating up pre made curry from an electric cooler box. While boiling rice on a camp stove.

And the rewards are great, being able to avoid queues by eating at camp or grabbing a pre made snack from your bag, it will give you more time to enjoy all there is to see at Glastonbury Festival!

Best Portable Camping Stove for a Festival

Best all round without breaking the bank

COLEMAN FyreStorm PCS Stove - Beat portable camping stove
Image from Go Outdoors

COLEMAN FyreStorm PCS Stove

  • Compact size
  • Gas cartridge fits inside pot for storage,
  • All in one including 1.3 litre cooking pot, lid and a pot sleeve
  • Wind blocking technology
  • Piezo ignition – so easy to ignite (no matches needed)
  • Can be used without the included pot (you can use any pan that will fit)
  • Boil time 4m30s


In summary, yes you can bring food to Glastonbury Festival, but make sure it’s non-perishable, easy to transport, and that you follow the festival’s policies.

This way, you’ll be able to save some money and enjoy a picnic with your friends while listening to your favourite bands!

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