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Best portable camping stove

You’ve got your ticket, sleeping bag and your tent, you’ve packed your bags. You’re ready to go camping. But wait, what about food? Festival food is incredible, but it can get expensive when you need 3 meals per day! This article contains our picks for the best portable camping stoves for festivals.

Festival food is something that I always look forward to, the delicious variety of street food is mouth-watering.

Mouth-wateringly expensive that is!

A meal and a soft drink can cost you upwards of £10-15 in 2022. When you need 3 meals per day for 4 days – that can become very expensive.

When you factor in the fact that you’ve already bought tickets, paid for transport, car parking passes, etc, something as simple as food can easily be overlooked.

food prices at festivals
Typical festival food prices – this was before inflation started going nuts ?

Many festivalgoers have gone back to basics and use portable camping stoves to prepare quick and simple meals to keep themselves refuelled.

If you’re taking a portable camping stove to a music festival, you’ll want to make sure that it’s compact enough to carry without causing too much extra weight. You’ll also need to ensure that you have a supply of gas cannisters for the duration of the festival.

Best Portable Camping Stove for a Festival

Best all round without breaking the bank

COLEMAN FyreStorm PCS Stove - Beat portable camping stove
Image from Go Outdoors

COLEMAN FyreStorm PCS Stove

  • Compact size
  • Gas cartridge fits inside pot for storage,
  • All in one including 1.3 litre cooking pot, lid and a pot sleeve
  • Wind blocking technology
  • Piezo ignition – so easy to ignite (no matches needed)
  • Can be used without the included pot (you can use any pan that will fit)
  • Boil time 4m30s

Best Camping Stove If You’re on a Budget

Extremely lightweight and compact

OEX Vulcan Pre-Heat Stove
Image from Go Outdoors

OEX Vulcan Pre-Heat Stove

  • 3 robust legs for support
  • Very compact size
  • Boiling time 3m20s
  • Uses a smooth dial valve to control heat
  • Light weight
  • Pre heating tube increases stove efficiency

Best Camping Stove With Extra Features

Cook real meals for you and your friends

Campingaz Party Grill® 400 CV portable stove
Image from Go Outdoors

Campingaz Party Grill® 400 CV

  • Comes with a wok, grill, griddle and stove top
  • Piezo ignition
  • It’s easy clean due to the water compartment to collect any drips.
  • Boil time: 6m5s
  • Easy one-handed control
  • Everything packs and stores away nicely
  • Perfect group camp cooker

Other Camping Stoves Suitable For Use At Festivals

If you still haven’t found your perfect camping stove, try one of these below. Let’s hope that one of these suits your needs!

How About Some Gas?

Tips for buying a portable a camping stove

Always check with the manufacturer which size of gas cannister you’ll need. Most of these stoves will not come with gas and you’ll have to purchase this seperately.

How do you know which gas cannister fits your camping stove?

There are so many different sizes and nozzle shapes for portable camping stoves, so you’ll have to check with the manufacturer before buying gas.

Click here to view the different options of Camping Gas.

Can you use camping gas and portable camping stoves at a festival?

In most festivals, yes, providing that the stove is small and compact – and of course that you use it safely. Some festivals do not allow camping stoves an barbecues so it’s important that you check first.

You should also use your camping stove responsibly, don’t use it too close to tents (they’re extremely flammable!) and certainly never use it inside your tent, or you’ll soon run out of oxygen to breathe!

Best Portable Camping Stove: Conclusion

There is a variety of portable camping stoves on the market that can help you make the most out of your festival experience. Cooking your own food at a festival means that you won’t have to queue up at the food stalls (all the best ones have queues!)

The features of each stove can vary, however there are a few key considerations that you should think about before making your final choice—such as, weight, fuel efficiency, and most of all – safety.

It’s a useful item to have – you can use it in the garden or at the beach for a hot meal on a day out, as well as take it to a festival.

Don’t forget to check out this guide on the best food to bring with you a festival!

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