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Glastonbury Camping - Pylon Ground - Tips & Info

This article is part of our series of guides to the different campsites in Glastonbury Festival. Pylon Ground is no longer general camping ground, as part of wider changes, Pylon Ground is now fully crew/staff camping.

Updated for 2023!

Camping in Pylon Ground

Pylon Ground is a campsite located in the northwest area of Glastonbury Festival, it’s easily accessible through Gate A or D and is closest to the yellow car park nearby.

Being close to Gate A means that Pylon ground is the first place coach and bus attendees arrive through, a great option if your are just looking to get in, set up and have fun without slogging across the entire site to get to Pennards!

Plus, the Pyramid Stage is only about a 15-minute walk away.

The relatively flat fields that make up the Pylon Ground means that it’s less likely to flood, and the foot traffic is far less compared to neighbouring campsites as it’s not a major thoroughfare.

However, it’s pretty damn far away from the nightlife areas and the pylon towers above you will emit that annoying constant low hum of electricity.

This makes some people, myself included, feel a bit uneasy about camping there. But, if this doesn’t bother you, it’s a great quite spot away from all the chaos.

Pylon Ground staff camping has been extended out to the west in 2023, along with the removal of staff camping in other areas like Pennards we understand why! So staff will seem to be mostly camping together in this big new and probably more secure area!


  • Flat ground, good for level camping.
  • Less likely to flood than other flatter fields.
  • Usually has some space for those arriving late.
  • Great for those arriving by coach or bus.
  • Great for those working Glastonbury.


  • You will have to deal with long walks to and from your tent to reach the festivals attractions, and nightlife.
  • There will be a buzzing sound from the pylons, so if you are a light sleeper it’s best to camp as far from the pylons and their wires.
  • Oh, and unless your working at Glastonbury you may want to give this a miss.


Best Place to Park for Pylon Ground

Park in the yellow carpark for the quickest entry and escape!

Best Gate to Access Pylon Ground

Enter the festival through Gate A. This is the closest gate with the shortest walk to Pylon Ground, making it ideal for those arriving by coach or public transport.

Is Camping in Pylon Ground Right for You?

Pylon Ground would be right for you if:

  • You are looking to camp close to parking and your gate.
  • You are happy to walk that bit extra to reach the late night fun
  • You are exhausted from the coach ride in and need
  • to set up and sleep!


Other areas near by you can also try:

For those who may not know, Glastonbury Festival is one of the biggest and most iconic music festivals in the world, taking place annually in the UK. This five-day extravaganza is like a magical kingdom, where the music never stops and the good vibes flow 24/7. The line-up is always a who’s who of the music industry, with past headliners including the likes of Beyoncé, Adele, Paul McCartney and Ed Sheeran.

But Glastonbury isn’t just about the music. It’s an immersive experience that’s hard to put into words. Imagine wandering through the lush fields, taking in the colourful and eclectic art installations, and getting lost in the diverse array of food and craft stalls. It’s like stepping into an entirely different world, where anything is possible.

One of the things that makes Glastonbury so special is the sense of community. The festivalgoers are a diverse group of people from all walks of life, but for five days, we’re all one big family. The vibe is so positive and inclusive, it’s impossible not to feel uplifted and connected to everyone around you.

See you on the farm!

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