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What to do the night before a festival

So, you’re off to a festival! You lucky lucky thing! Here are 5 things you should do the night before a festival to make sure you’re fully prepared!

1. Check Your Tickets Are Packed

You don’t want to get to the gate only to find you left your tickets in that “extra safe place” back at home… 200 miles away.


Don’t let this happen to you.

Check your tickets are packed. Do it. Right now!

2. Charge your portable phone chargers

Unless you want a dead mobile phone, no photos, no shakey crowd videos, no torch to find your tent at 5am, make sure all your portable power banks and phone chargers are fully charged.

Make sure you’ve got a couple of cables with you too in case one of then stops working. The charger is useless without its cable, and no doubt your mates will want to use it at some point too.

Best Power Banks for Music Festivals

3. If you’ve got one, Charge your fitbit

Fitbits are step counters are amazing for festivals. It always surprises me how many steps I walk in a day at a festival!

I know that some of those “steps” are dancing, jumping and general moshpit stuff, but its still burning calories and therefore counts as a workout.

You’ll need to burn off all the excess calories from that delicious festival food too… that’s before you count the alcohol calories. 

But let’s not think about that for now.

A fully charged fit bit will track your sleep as well as your steps for the weekend. It’s interesting to see!

Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker with 1-Year Fitbit

4. Get a decent night’s sleep

You’ll need it! You’ve probably got am early start and 4 days of partying ahead of you.

Recharge your body’s batteries tonight so you’re prepared for 4 days of mayhem with your mates and your favourite bands.

5. Prepare yourself mentally

Festivals are extremely overwhelming places, even if you’ve been to many festivals, they’re still somehow able to blow your mind.

Consider doing some meditation, breathing exercises and anything else that helps you feel relaxed.

When you’re trying to mentally prepare for a festival, think about coping strategies for things like:

  • crowds
  • queueing
  • sleeping in noisy environments 
  • being cold
  • being hot

This will help you prepare for when these things actually happen! 

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