How to Use Vodafone’s Network at Glastonbury Even If You’re Not on Vodafone

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How to use Vodafone at Glastonbury

If you’re heading to Glastonbury in June 2023, you’ll probably be wondering about the phone signal situation.

Whether this is your first Glastonbury or your 20th, things will be a little bit different this year as it’s the first year that Vodafone is involved.

In recent years, EE were the festival’s communications partner. They provided connectivity, charging facilities and released the official Glastonbury Festival App.

Mobile signal was typically pretty poor, unless you were an EE customer, able to make use of their network. Even then, it could be hit or miss at busy times of the day.

This year – Vodafone customers are likely to get the best signal because they are the ones providing this year’s 4G and 5G masts.

Eagle-eyed festivalgoers have spotted the temporary masts being installed via the Glastonbury webcam:

But, what if you’re not fortunate enough to be a Vodafone customer? That’s what I’m here to help you with!

This article will explain exactly how to ensure you can use Vodafone’s network at Glastonbury Festival, even if you’re not a Vodafone customer.

How to Use Vodafone’s Network at Glastonbury even if you’re with another provider

Option 1: Check Whether Your Phone has 2 SIM trays

Many modern phones, especially high-end Android phones will have 2 SIM card trays. Mine is a Samsung Galaxy S22, which has 2 SIM card slots in the same tray.

If you are lucky enough to have 2 SIM card trays, then all you need to do it buy a data-only SIM card from Vodafone directly.

You can choose the amount of data you’ll need – for example 15GB is £25.

When it arrives – simply pop the SIM card into the second tray, go through your phone’s settings and make sure that you have the second SIM selected for data while at the festival.

This means that you can use mobile data to stay in touch with your friends using WhatsApp, Signal, SnapChat, Facebook or Instagram during the festival.

Your usual SIM card will still be used for phone calls by default, but you may not have any signal to make standard GSM (2G) phone calls anyway.

If your phone does not have 2 SIM slots – then don’t worry – all is not lost!

Option 2: Contact your current provider and ask to swap from a physical SIM to an eSIM

Did you know there is this magical thing called an eSIM!?

It’s a virtual SIM card, allowing you to use your phone even without the physical SIM in place.

Most modern iPhones and Android phones will support eSIMs in place of physical SIM Cards.

If you’re currently on a pay monthly contract, simply call your provider and ask them to give you an eSIM pack to replace your current SIM card.

This will likely be a QR code that you’ll need to scan to get setup.

If you’re unsure, in-store staff can help you at the phone shop.

This means that your physical SIM card tray will be free for you to buy a data-only Pay As You Go SIM Card from Vodafone to use during Glastonbury!

You can put the Vodafone SIM card in your phone’s only SIM card tray, as your main provider have switched you over to an eSIM.

This doesn’t affect your main phone contact and allows you to use two networks at the same time!

Make sure that you go through your phone’s ‘SIM Manager’ menu to select which SIM is to be used for phone calls and which one for data.

You can change these settings back after the festival!

But Wait, Shouldn’t Everyone Put Their Phones Down At Glastonbury!?

Bringing your phone to a festival such as Glastonbury can be invaluable if you need to meet up with mates who don’t arrive at the same time as you.

Glastonbury is so vast and crowded, it’d be nearly impossible to find anyone!

Whether you want to spend the weekend posting content to your socials, or if you use the festival as a chance to escape – it’s fine to bring your phone along to Glastonbury.

You may also like to read these tent security tips to help you keep your phone safe and secure while you’re partying away down at the front.

& don’t forget your portable charger/power bank – trust me, you’ll need one (or two) especially if you’re a social media butterfly.

Using Vodafone’s Temporary Masts at Glastonbury: Summary

Even if you’re not on Vodafone, simply purchase a second SIM card (if your phone has 2 SIM card slots – most modern phones do) or get an eSIM from your main provider, leaving your physical SIM card tray empty for a temporary Vodafone SIM to use at the festival!

See you on the farm!

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