Can You Bring Aerosols to Boomtown?

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Can you bring aerosol sprays to Boomtown?

Heading to Boomtown this summer? Before you start packing your bags and prepping your outfits, here’s something you should know: can aerosols be brought into the festival?

Can You Bring Aerosols to Boomtown?

The answer is yes! Whether it’s a spray deodorant or dry shampoo, all personal aerosols are allowed in – just make sure they’re cosmetic items and not paint!

So, you can safely pack your dry shampoo and other aerosols for Boomtown as these items are not banned by the festival organisers or security!

You can feel confident knowing that you can bring these items with you to the festival. Whether it’s a hair product, bug spray, sunscreen or something else – you don’t have to worry about going without.

What Are The Rules About Aerosols At Boomtown?

At Boomtown, aerosols like deodorant and dry shampoo are still allowed for your convenience.

However, to prevent damage to their festival sets caused by graffiti and tagging, they have banned the use of aerosol paint cans. So you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be creating any unintentional artwork at this year’s event!

Spray paint is not allowed
Some products, such as coloured hair spray or makeup may be mistaken for spray paint cans and confiscated.

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What’s The Problem With Aerosols Anyway?

Festival-goers looking to make a statement should think twice before bringing aerosol cans into their favorite festivals.

While they may seem like an innocent way to express yourself, they can quickly become dangerous if used improperly. Not only are aerosols highly flammable and capable of causing fires, but they can also be used as weapons against other festival-goers and staff.

As such, many other music festivals have had to implement strict regulations on the use of aerosols in order to protect everyone’s safety.

Alternatives to Aerosols

You should not really spray aerosol sprays inside your tent as they can damage the materials. So, many festival goers prefer to use roll-on deodorant, powdered deodorant or do their spraying outside of the tent.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on attending the world-famous Boomtown Music Festival, you may be wondering what you can and can’t bring with you. Well, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not aerosols are allowed in.

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