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Heading to Boomtown this summer, and you’re wondering if it’s okay to bring your guitar for some festival vibes, the answer is yes!

Boomtown is all about music and having a good time.

You won’t find a more welcoming atmosphere so why not take advantage of it? Get creative with what you can do with your strings while at Boomtown. Jam out with friends or just have some chill time alone – the choice is yours.

Can You Bring A Guitar to Boomtown?

Yes! Bring your guitar along! You’ll be able to join in with the festival’s vibrant atmosphere and show off your skills.

But don’t forget that you need to be considerate of others around you who may wish for a good night’s sleep!

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What Are The Rules About Bringing Guitars To Boomtown?

Guitars are very much welcome at Boomtown! While other festivals may prohibit them, you won’t find that here.

Always be considerate of others who may be sleeping nearby if you plan on playing at the campsite. And try to avoid taking your guitar to busy areas where it could be damaged, remember festivals are vibrate and active places so people bumping around or falling over is common. Or you could also cause an injury!

Leave the guitar at camp if you are gong to a live performance too, people will not appreciate your chords during a live act, even if you are not ‘that’ close.

Final Thoughts

At Boomtown, there’s no need to leave your guitar at home. Feel free to bring it along! Just remember to be conscious of other festival-goers who might not appreciate an all-night jam session – be sure to practice the golden rule ‘treat others as you’d like to be treated’.

There is so much to do and see at Boomtown, you won’t want to lug your guitar around the entire festival and you don’t want to spend too much time in your tent.

Personally, even though you can bring a guitar, it doesn’t mean that you should. Go enjoy the festival!

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