Can You Bring A Guitar to Secret Garden Party?

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Can you bring a guitar to Secret Garden Party

Heading to Secret Garden Party this summer? Before you go, have you wondered if it’s alright to bring your own guitar and become the star of the campfire? Let us help you find out.

Can You Bring A Guitar to Secret Garden Party?

At Secret Garden Party, you can bring your own acoustic instruments and jam with friends or solo into the night.

Just be aware that fellow revellers may not appreciate a cacophony of sound at 4am! So if you plan to get some late-night strumming in, keep it low key – think campfire singalong rather than full on rock gig.

What Are The Rules About Bringing Guitars To Secret Garden Party?

Bringing a guitar to the music festival is encouraged—no rules are in place that prevent it. But bongos, unfortunately, have been banned. What does this mean exactly? It’s up to you to decide.

The problem that happens when you bring your guitar along… you won’t want to carry it everywhere with you. You’ll ideally want to store it somewhere safe and away from opportunistic drunk people!

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, bringing your acoustic instruments to Secret Garden Party is a great idea!

Just remember to be considerate of those around you if you plan on jamming until sunrise – after all, we want everyone to have a good time! So why not bring along a few friends and get ready for some epic late-night music sessions.

With a guitar or ukulele in hand, the possibilities are endless.

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