Can You Bring A Portable Speaker to Boomtown?

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Can You Bring A Portable Speaker to Boomtown?

Heading to Boomtown this summer? Got a Minirig or Bluetooth speaker you want to bring along? You might be wondering if the festival organisers allow you to bring a small sound system to use at your tent or campsite.

Let’s find out…

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Are Portable Speakers & Sound systems Banned at Boomtown?

You can go ahead and bring your own personal sound system or portable speaker to Boomtown. The organisers do permit a small portable speaker, but obviously not large professional rigs.

Whether you’re planning on listening to tunes late at night or early in the morning, though, make sure you keep it low so as not to disturb anyone else who may be around.

Some people do actually want to sleep at Boomtown (believe it or not!)

There is so much live music, DJs and entertainment at Boomtown that you probably don’t need a small speaker for your tent, but they are permitted regardless.

After all, we want to have a great time at the festival! So why not enjoy your music responsibly?

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What Are The Rules About Personal Soundsystems At Boomtown?

Small speakers are welcome at Boomtown, but if your music system is too big or loud, it might not make the cut.

So before you pack up that massive boombox, consider whether it’s really worth risking getting kicked out of the festival. Even if you don’t think it’s that loud – there could still be consequences!

Final Thoughts

Bring your own speakers to Boomtown and jam out until the early hours!

But be sure to be mindful of your tent neighbours; not everyone wants to listen to music all night.

Pack up those sound systems and have an epic party, just don’t forget that you need to respect the other festival-goers.

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