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Are you ready to rock out at Download Festival this summer? Before you start packing your bags and picking out the perfect outfit, you might be wondering: can I bring a small personal speaker or soundsystem to make sure I’m jamming in style?

Whether it’s a Minirig or Bluetooth speaker, can I really take my own tunes with me for when the stages stop?

Can You Bring A Speaker to Download Festival?

No personal soundsystems are allowed at Download Festival – that’s a hard and fast rule.

To keep everyone safe, all of these items have been prohibited from the campsites or arena areas.

So if you’re tempted to bring your own speakers, don’t do it! You’ll only cause unnecessary hassle for yourself and security might even confiscate them. Instead, enjoy the music played by the festival’s awesome line-up of performers!

What Are The Rules About Personal Soundsystems At Download Festival?

No personal sound systems allowed in the campground or arena areas – not even small speakers. We want to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, so we had to make this rule.

While it may seem like an inconvenience, it’s actually a favour to everyone in your campsite – no one wants to be subjected to someone else’s music for hours on end!

So please leave your own sound system at home; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy live music from musicians all across the globe.

If you do bring a portable speaker and use it, be aware that it may be confiscated by festival staff, stewards or security.

Final Thoughts

Sorry, you can’t bring your own speakers or sound systems to Download Festival. It’s on the list of prohibited items and the organisers don’t allow them anywhere in or around the campsites or arena.

So it’s best to leave them at home and take full advantage of all the amazing music that will be playing throughout the festival. Plus, if you do decide to ignore this rule and try bringing them along, there’s a good chance they’ll get taken away by security!

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