Can You Bring A Speaker to Kendal Calling?

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Kendal Calling is one of the UK’s most iconic music festivals, and it’s no surprise that so many people look forward to attending every year. But before you get ready to enjoy the festival, you need to know: can I bring a personal speaker or soundsystem with me?

Can You Bring A Speaker to Kendal Calling?

Are you ready to rock out at Kendal Calling? Bring your own speakers or a personal soundsystem and get the party started! But remember, there are other festival-goers around who may not want to hear your music blasting late into the night.

So make sure you’re considerate and use your good judgement when choosing when and where to play.

Have fun but be respectful too!

What Are The Rules About Personal Soundsystems At Kendal Calling?

Kendal Calling offers a freedom of expression that’s hard to find elsewhere. No restrictions, no rules – just you and your imaginations when it comes to setting up the speakers for the festival. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something wild, Kendal Calling can accommodate any ideas!

Final Thoughts

Bring your soundsystem to Kendal Calling and rock the festival all night long! Whether you’re partying with a few friends or hosting your own mini rave, don’t forget to be considerate of your campsite neighbours.

With advanced sound systems, you can turn up the volume without disturbing those around you – but do keep it at a sensible level. That way everyone can get their grooves on!

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