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Heading to Download Festival this summer? Before you get your bags packed and outfits planned, you may be asking yourself: can I bring aerosols (like deodorant or dry shampoo) to Download Fest?

Can You Bring Aerosols to Download Festival?

Yes you can as long as they are under 250ml! anything over this amount or in excess quantity can be confiscated at the gate.

What Are The Rules About Aerosols At Download Festival?

No aerosols over 250ml are allowed on the festival grounds.

Any that may be discovered will be swiftly taken away by security. Don’t let your fun-filled festival be experience be spoiled by bad smells and bad hair – make sure to leave all of your aerosols at home, and take an alternative!

What’s The Problem With Aerosols Anyway?

Going to a music festival should be an enjoyable and safe experience. Unfortunately, some festivalgoers have been irresponsible in the past by deliberately starting dangerous fires with aerosol cans.

This has caused significant damage to property and put others at risk – so festival organisers have had to take action by banning aerosols from their events.

This ban also include paint aerosols, the use of these on festival property causes unexpected costs due to the need for professional cleaning following the festival.

Alternatives to Aerosols

You should not really spray aerosol sprays inside your tent as they can damage the material and more worryingly can cause asphyxiation in closed unventilated places like a tent!

So, many festival goers prefer to use roll-on deodorant, powdered deodorant or do their spraying outside of the tent.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can bring aerosols to Download Festival.

But, it’s important to keep safety in mind at all times.

Aerosols are flammable, and they should be handled with caution while attending the festival.

Don’t forget – have fun but stay safe!

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Download Festival is a British rock festival, held annually at Donington Park in Leicestershire, England, since 2003. It is typically scheduled for the summer, typically in June. The festival is renowned for showcasing a mix of famous rock and heavy metal bands, including both established acts and new up-and-coming artists.

The name “Download” pays tribute to the digital age, with the festival’s mascot, “the Download Dog”, being a popular figure. The event is also known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with attendees typically camping out for the duration of the festival, which usually lasts three days (Friday through Sunday).

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