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Best folding chairs for festivals

Love ’em or hate ’em, folding camping chairs are a necessary evil at festivals. This article covers some of the best folding chairs available this festival season.

The great thing about folding camping chairs is that they’re not limited to camping and festivals. They’re great to keep in the boot of the car for impromptu trips to the beach or out into nature.

Most camping chairs are extremely lightweight so they’re not difficult to carry where ever you are.

At a festival, most people bring a foldable chair for the tent area, it’s handy to have a chair to sit on while you’re getting dressed for the day. The only other option is to make awkward shapes inside your tent or sit on the ground while your mates tower over you in their own camping chairs.

Some festivalgoers need to carry a chair out and about with them so they’ve got somewhere to sit and enjoy the entertainment. Many others get frustrated by chairs at the main stages, but they’re never usually near the front.

It may seem fun to make fun of chairs at festivals when you’re young, fit and healthy, but festivals are for everyone and some people need a chair.

So without any further delay, let’s get on with the list of best folding festival chairs this summer ?

Our Thoughts

Although this chair is a little on the heavy size, it packs down really small and easy to carry. Plus – it’s more comfortable than the standard folding camping chair that you’ll see everywhere.

It’s surprisingly sturdy and the added headrest is an extra luxury that you’ll certainly appreciate especially if you are tall.

Our Thoughts

For even more comfort – this is essentially a hammock disguised as a chair. The backrest is padded and it includes a pillow for your head. This is a great choice to keep at your camp, but it’s awkward to carry around with you.

Best Folding Chair if you’re on a budget

Affordable, standard folding camping chair lightweight compared to its size

Image from Go Outdoors

Eurohike peak Folding Chair

  • Arm rests with cup holder
  • Pack size 87cm (L) x 15cm (W)
  • Chair size 52cm x 52cm x 85cm
  • Maximum sitting load 90kg
  • 2.2kg with carry bag
  • Available in 5 colours

Our Thoughts

Look, it ain’t great, but it’ll do. This is the most basic of basic camping chairs that you see at a festival. And you will definitely see these – thousands of them, many of them twisted and broken.

It’s a shame because these chairs can last for a long time if they’re taken care of. It’s extremely wasteful to see so many broken ones.

I’ve had one of these basic cheap camping chairs for 5 years now and it’s still perfectly fine. However, there are much better, more sturdier and more comfortable options on this list.

Other Folding Festival Chairs to Consider

Image from Go Outdoors

One for cold mornings – Hi-Gear Dallas Heated Moon Chair

The base of the seat is heated by a power bank (not included)
Includes a pocket for a power bank and a cup holder
Chair size 69x87x98cm
Weights 7kg with included carry bag
Moon shaped for wrap around cover and comfort

For more support and extras – KingCamp XL Heavy Duty Camping Chair

Vango Blaze Double camping stove
Image from Go Outdoors

For carrying around and pit stops – OEX Ultra-Lite Chair

Weight 1kg
Comes with a fabric base stabiliser in case the ground is wet or muddy
Fold away in to a tiny pack size, pop it in your bag for later
Mesh back prevents water collecting in the base
Made of aluminium

Sunny Day? ALPHA CAMP Chair with Shade Canopy

a sit mat? OK, it’s not a chair, but it does fold! – Outdoor world sit mat

Conclusion: Best Folding Chairs For Festivals

Music festivals are synonymous with great music, great food and no where to sit.

All the big music festivals: Glastonbury, Download Festival, Reading & Leeds all take place outdoors, mostly in fields and farmland.

Not all festival goers can go for hours without sitting down, so a small foldable camping chair can be a lifesaver.

Try to avoid using your chair in densely packed crowds or areas close to the stage as other people may not see you (and you won’t see anything except for people’s backs anyway)

So if you’re headed to your next festival, consider bringing one of these folding chairs with you on the off chance that space (and comfort) get tight.

They pack up nice and small so there’s no reason not to bring one along!

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