Can You Take Dogs to Glastonbury Festival?

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Can you bring dogs to Glastonbury Festival?

Glastonbury Festival is one of the most iconic music festivals in the world, and with its incredible lineup, it’s no wonder that many people want to experience it with their furry friends.

The question remains: can you bring your dog to Glastonbury Festival?

In this blog, we’ll explore the answer, by looking at a bit of history and explain why it’s not a good idea to bring your pet to this massive event!

Can You Bring Your Dog To Glastonbury Festival?

Right off the bat the answer is no, Glastonbury Festival is not a place to bring your dog.

It doesn’t matter how well behaved your four legged best buddy is, or how much training they have had.

Dogs and other animals are not permitted to be brought on to the festival site, with the exception of visual assistance dogs, although you will need to arrange this with the organisers in advance.

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Why Can’t I Take My Dog To Glastonbury Festival?

Music festivals are really not a safe place for dogs. There are fireworks, loud music and huge crowds of people. Your dog will encounter a lot of stressful situations, and they may be unable to handle it.

Think about it, how many dogs spend time surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of people?

Also we have to make clear that you seriously shouldn’t attempt sneak in animals in, because any animals found while you’re entering the festival or on site will be impounded and placed in suitable housing off-site.

This doesn’t mean you can save some cash by giving the dog sitter or kennel a miss and let Glasto sort it out, as where ever your dog/pets end up, it will be at your expense, and it will not be cheap!

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Were Dogs Ever Permitted At Glastonbury Festival?

Yes, ‘back in the day’ dogs were permitted at the festival.

The dogs usually lacked any real training and were allowed by the owners to roam free, just like the owners did, but this is no longer the case.

Sadly, the ban originally came about due to the health risks and incidents in early Festivals, when large packs of dogs gathered. There would be reports of dog mess and people being chased or even attacked by these packs.

The ban Glastonbury has on pets has become a condition of the Festival Licence. So it cannot be considered a purposeful slight to dog/pet owners who wanted to attend Glastonbury with their best friend!

Is Glastonbury Festival Dog-Friendly

While I’m sure that the festival organisers are dog lovers, unfortunately it’s just not possible to allow dogs to an event as large as Glastonbury – it would be chaos, messy and dangerous for them to allow dogs in.


While it may be tempting to bring your furry friend to Glastonbury Festival, it’s simply not possible.

Dogs and other pets are not permitted on site, and the ban on pets has become a condition of the festival’s license.

This decision was made to ensure the safety and well-being of festival-goers and animals alike.

So, while you may have to leave your pet at home, you can still enjoy an incredible weekend at Glastonbury Festival with your human friends!

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