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Do you get searched at Glastonbury Festival?

Do You Get Searched at Glastonbury Festival? Security searches at the gate of any festival or large event can make people feel anxious – even if they’re not carrying prohibited items! This article contains information about the process of entering the festival, how thoroughly people are searched and what to look out for.

The conditions of entry do state that you may be searched upon entry and that the organisers reserve the right to search festival goers for prohibited items. If you’ve never been to Glastonbury before, you may have some questions about getting searched and what the process is.

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It’s common for festivals to search people upon entry for public safety and to prevent prohibited items such as weapons or drugs getting past the gate.

FAQs about searches at Glastonbury Festival

Security Dog unit at Glastonbury
This van has the greatest number plate ever. This private security firm was spotted walking their dog around the perimeter fence near Gate D at 5am on Wednesday 22nd June 2022.
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Most people do not worry about security searches at Glastonbury

Conclusion: Getting searched at Glastonbury

Getting searched at festivals it’s extremely common, and it’s important part of the process to deter criminals and keep people safe. Most people are not searched thoroughly. Security staff are training to look for suspicious behaviour in crowds so they will be keeping a close eye on everything.

Don’t let the anxiety get the better of you, entering a festival is extremely stressful but it’ll be aaaaaaalllll worth it once you’re in your campsite with a beer in your hand watching the sunset 😉

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