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Gifts for music festival fans

There’s no doubt about it, music festivals are a tonne of fun. The thing is most music lovers wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to go to more than one festival in a year. From music to friends, camping, meeting new people or just the whole atmosphere of the event itself — there’s lots of reasons to love attending music festivals. But if you’re looking for gift ideas for someone who loves music festivals and outdoor gigs, where do you even start?

Do you know someone who’s really into music festivals? If you do then here is a handy list of gift ideas for them!


Gift Ideas for Music Festival Lovers

When you’re choosing gifts for music festival lovers, there’s a balance between practicality and fun stuff! They’ll be grateful for any practical items you can get them, but anything fun is an added bonus!

1. Reusable Water Bottle

Every modern festival goer will tell you that a reusable water bottle is essential – you can’t do a festival without it. Festivals are marathons and not sprints, so staying hydrated is important.

Most festivals have water refill points and drinking water taps which are free to use, but you need a sturdy container, preferably one that be clipped to a belt or backpack (being hands-free at a festival is bliss).

As a gift, try a bright and colourful design to help someone get into the festival spirit!

MEITAGIE 1L/750ml Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker, Leak-proof BPA
Image from Amazon

2. Bumbag

No one wants to be dragged down by carrying a heavy backpack or shoulder bag when trying to enjoy a festival! Bumbags and utility belts are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G because you can fit all your essentials (phone, money, tissues, ID) inside while bouncing hands-free around the festival!

I personally like bumbags with organisational pockets inside and zipped-up section to keep my cash and cards separate.

Waist Pocket Colorful Sequins Bag Sports Bag Personality Waist Bag
Image from Amazon

3. Eco-friendly glitter

Glitter has become such a cultural mainstay of music festivals in recent years (thanks, Instagram) – but it’s important to consider sustainability.

Glitter is traditionally made of small pieces of non-biodegradable plastic. As I’m sure you don’t need reminding, plastic is bad and some festivals have even gone as far as to ban glitter from the event.

Eco-friendly glitter is a biodegradable alternative to the plastic stuff and it looks just as dazzling!

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Biodegradable Eco Chunky Glitter by Moon Glitter - Set of
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4. An Outright Hilarious flag

Here’s a crazy gift idea, especially for Glastonbury which is widely televised… get your mates a hilarious flag with an inside joke and wait until you spot it on TV.

A Mega Pint Flag
Flags are usually topical and contain niche jokes

Flags are often printed to order, so check out Hello Print for a bespoke flag design.

5. Battery-Powered String Lights

These have multiple uses at a festival that you may not have considered;

They’re great for decorating your tent (they also help you navigate your way back at night and actually be able to see inside your tent! But they’re also great as an item of clothing at night.

They’re a bit delicate so you have to be careful but they look great as a scarf, headpiece or some other form of creative costume.

FairyDecor Fairy Lights Battery, 5m/16ft Battery Operated Copper Wire Starry
Image from Amazon

6. Bucket Hat

Ah, the bucket hat – you can’t go to a festival in the 2020s without seeing one of these. They also appear to be ageless, you’ll see 15-year-olds and 75-year-olds wearing this festival fashion mistake staple.

The brighter and more outrageous, the better.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for music festival lovers, you can’t go wrong with a good old bucket hat 😅

MengPa Unisex Bucket Hat Summer Travel Sun Fisherman Hats Reversible
Image from Amazon

7. Hiking Socks / Welly Socks

Any festival going veteran or even a newbie will tell you that it’s impossible to have too many socks at a festival. You spend most of the day on your feet, in either walking boots or wellies, so appropriately comfortable socks are an absolute necessity.

If the weather gods are not on your site and the trusty ol’ wellies have to come out, then you’ll need especially long socks to avoid the extremely frustrating calf-rub and blisters.

Any festival goer will thank you for this gift! Read our top picks of the best welly socks here.

Sock Stack 3 Pairs Of Women's Wellington Boot Socks The
Image from Amazon

8. Pits & Bits Dry Shower Kit

Most festivals don’t have showers, and those that do have them – well, they don’t have enough capacity for 150,000 people to use them every single day. So, many people just go without.

Going without a shower does not mean you can’t wash! Forget about wet wipes for a moment – they’re disposable and bad for the environment (although you can get biodegradable wet wipes of Amazon) – this dry body wash is very popular with festival goers who want to be as fresh as possible.

It’s essentially a shower gel that you can use on dry skin, without needing water. When you’ve rubbed it into your skin, you just need the (included) microfibre towel to remove the excess product and you’re as clean as can be, given the circumstances!

It’s also safe to use on sensitive skin and delicate areas of the body.

Pits And Bits Rinse Free Body Wash, No Additional Water
Image from Amazon

9. Power Bank / Portable Phone Charger

The only way to keep your phone charged when staying in a tent with no electricity is to have a portable phone charger. If your festival-going mate doesn’t have one of these wonder devices yet, then you’ll be cherished forever if you get one of these.

Read our top picks for the best portable phone chargers here.

Anker Power Bank, 313 Portable Charger (PowerCore Slim 10K) 10000mAh
The Anker Portable Charger is the holy grail of portable phone chargers!

Well, that about wraps up our list of gift ideas for music festival lovers. Hopefully, we were able to help you identify a few unique gift ideas for your favourite festival aficionado. If they’re planning their next festival adventure, any of the items listed above would surely be appreciated.

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