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Stages at Glastonbury

Have you ever wondered just how many stages are tucked away within the magical realm of Glastonbury Festival? Well, get ready to be amazed as we take a thrilling journey through the vast musical landscape that awaits you.

From the iconic Pyramid Stage to hidden gems nestled in the Greenfields, Glastonbury boasts an impressive array of stages that will leave you spoiled for choice and yearning for more.

To the uninitiated, people think that Glastonbury is simply what you see on the BBC.

But, there is so much more to this incredible sprawling festival. In fact, the TV cameras actively stay away from certain areas 😉

How Many Stages Are At Glastonbury Festival?

There are over 20 large stages and 100+ smaller stages at Glastonbury! This page gives you an overview of what to expect.

Main Stages

The Pyramid Stage

As the beating heart of Glastonbury, the Pyramid Stage holds the power to stir emotions, ignite passions, and make memories that will last a lifetime. It’s not just a stage; it’s a portal to a parallel universe where music becomes a language that connects us all. From dawn till dusk, this mammoth creation becomes a sanctuary for dreamers and a playground for music lovers.

Once the sun begins its descent, and the stage illuminates with a kaleidoscope of lights, the real magic begins. The Pyramid Stage becomes a living, breathing entity, pulsating with energy as legendary artists take the spotlight.

The air crackles with anticipation as the first chords resonate through the crowd. Time seems to stand still as you find yourself lost in a sea of strangers, all united by a common love for music. It’s a collective symphony of joy, where every note and every beat becomes a shared experience that binds us together.

Expect to see some of the world’s largest artists on this stage – this is where the headliners will be!

The Other Stage

We’ve explored the enchanting realm of the Pyramid Stage, but now it’s time to venture into another dimension of musical delight at Glastonbury—the electrifying Other Stage. Like a mischievous sibling to the iconic Pyramid, this stage is a tantalizing concoction of sonic wizardry and raw energy that will leave you breathless.

The Other Stage at Glastonbury
The Other Stage in 2019

Imagine yourself standing in front of the Other Stage, a vortex of sound swirling around you. This is where emerging talents collide with established acts, creating an explosive cocktail of musical brilliance. The air is charged with anticipation as the crowd eagerly awaits the first chord to reverberate through the speakers. It’s a haven for those seeking a sonic adventure beyond the mainstream, a place where genres blend and boundaries dissolve.

As the sun sets, the Other Stage transforms into a sonic cauldron, casting its spell over the assembled masses. The pulsating lights dance in harmony with the thunderous beats, creating an immersive experience that transcends time and space. It’s a place where you can lose yourself in the rhythm, surrendering to the hypnotic allure of the music.

Acts such as The Pet Shop Boys, Olivia Rodrigo, Manic Street Preachers & Skunk Anansie have previously played on this stage.

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West Holts Stage

The West Holts stage at Glastonbury is more than your typical festival platform—it’s a journey through the galaxies of music.

West Holts Stage at Glastonbury
West Holts Stage at Glastonbury Festival during TLC’s performance in 2022

Imagine shifting from tapping your toes to an Afrobeat ensemble straight out of Nigeria, to swaying to the rhythmic melodies of an electronica band all the way from Iceland. Do you catch my drift? It’s a symphony of diverse sounds, every note creating waves that ripple through the crowd, sparking spontaneous dance and movement.

Consider it your global musical feast—a tantalising buffet for the ears where you can cherry-pick your sonic indulgence. West Holts is not just any stage at Glastonbury—it’s the soul, the rhythmic pulse that gives the festival its lively vibe.

So, if you’re on the fence about attending Glastonbury, here’s a thought—would your music-loving soul ever forgive you for missing out on this extraordinary experience?

The Park Stage

The Park is a stage – but it’s also an entire area – a bit like a festival within a festival – festival-ception!

It’s akin to unearthing the ultimate secret spot at the heart of a sprawling music festival.

The Park Stage at Glastonbury
The Park Stage in 2019

Envision yourself meandering through the Glastonbury grounds, absorbed in the collective camaraderie of your fellow festival-goers when, all of a sudden, you’re entranced by an enigmatic energy. There, perched atop a hill, you find The Park stage—intimate, inviting, and perfectly positioned to elevate your festival experience.

The Park stage is no ordinary venue. It’s intimate – so make sure you get there nice and early for a good spot as there were no screens at The Park stage in 2019 or 2022.

It’s reminiscent of stepping into the magical world of Narnia, only here, instead of mystical creatures, you encounter fresh, up-and-coming talent and surprise performances that promise to captivate your heart. The music you’ll encounter? Eclectic and exhilarating.

One moment you’ll be swaying to the beats of an indie-pop act, and in the blink of an eye, you’ll find yourself immersed in the soothing embrace of melancholic folk melodies.

Woodsies (Formerly John Peel Stage)

Ah, the Woodsies stage. This is a large tent towards the North of the festival site. It was formerly called the John Peel Stage or the John Peel tent.

Now, that’s a stage that’s got a special place in my heart. What’s the magic spell it’s got over me, you ask? Well, it’s like a giant kaleidoscope of sound, giving you glimpses into all sorts of music corners from our big, beautiful world. It’s got everything from budding artists on the brink of making it big to hip trendsetters from our very own backyard.

Even with its new name shining on the banners, looks like the stage is sticking to its true-blue character, if the this year’s lineup is anything to judge by. It’s giving us all a taste of what’s hot and happening in the music scene.

This stage, it’s like the popular kid at school – always surrounded by a crowd. So, if you want to snag a spot close to the action, better make a beeline for it early.

The Acoustic Stage

Here, the air is filled with the soulful strains of blues, the timeless tales of folk, the captivating melodies of contemporary tunes, and the heartfelt twang of country music. But let me let you in on a little secret—it’s not always about strumming on acoustic instruments. The Acoustic Stage is a place where genres can intertwine and defy expectations.

You might be surprised to find a bluesy riff electrifying the air or a folk ballad carried on the wings of a gentle electric guitar. It’s a delightful fusion of traditional and innovative, where artists weave their musical spells, transcending boundaries and captivating the hearts of all who listen.

Arcadia (The Spider)

Imagine standing before a colossal mechanical spider, its metallic legs poised to carry you into a realm of pulsating energy. As the sun sets and darkness descends, this mythical arachnid comes alive, unleashing a symphony of fire, lights, and mind-bending performances. It’s a breathtaking fusion of art, technology, and sheer audacity that pushes the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Arcadia, Glastonbury Festival

Arcadia is not just a stage; it’s an immersive playground that transports you to a parallel universe where creativity reigns supreme. The air crackles with anticipation as music reverberates through the crowd, and dancers defy gravity, suspended high above the ground. It’s a sensory overload, a feast for the eyes and ears that leaves you spellbound and hungry for more.

In this extraordinary realm, the boundaries blur between performer and spectator, as you find yourself becoming part of the spectacle. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of lights, surrender to the pulsating beats, and let the electrifying energy surge through your veins. Arcadia at Glastonbury is an invitation to embrace the extraordinary, to revel in the unknown, and to unlock the depths of your imagination.

Some of the world’s best DJs will be playing sets from the spider’s belly as you rave below! Enjoy 360 degree sound too – great for late night fun at Glastonbury!

The Glade Area

There’s something enchanting about this place, this music, and this moment that unites souls, especially as the sun paints a breathtaking sunset through the swaying trees. Nestled at the heart of the festival, Avalon and Glade serve as the ultimate gathering spot—a vibrant hub where you can recharge, surrender to eclectic grooves, indulge in fancy beats, sway to reggae and dub.

The Spike bar (hidden away in the trees) is my favourite place to visit after sunset!

Prepare for an electrifying experience, as the newly revamped Main Stage and the Glade Dome come alive under the majestic sway of Poplar trees. These stages will serve as epicenters of sonic brilliance, boasting the best sound systems that will transport you to another dimension.

Yes, the aim is to party, but it’s driven by a deep desire to be free, to embrace the moment and make it an unforgettable reality, just as we’ve always known it could be.

Medium-Sized Stages

Field Of Avalon

his sacred ground maintains an unbreakable bond with its earthy Eden, a testament to its roots within the Greenfields. Through the passage of time, it has welcomed a lineage of legendary musicians, artists, and kindred souls who embark on this pilgrimage. Festival wanderers find solace here, resting their weary legs, replenishing their spirits with a pint of ale, savoring delectable food, and immersing themselves in a musical program that spans the spectrum of contemporary, roots, and folk genres.

In the Field of Avalon, prepare for days filled with a tapestry of eclectic melodies, where the air comes alive with the best the world has to offer in contemporary sounds. It’s a space where intimacy thrives, where magical Glastonbury moments are etched into your memory, never to be forgotten.

The Truth Stage

The Truth Stage in 2019

The Truth Stage at Glastonbury is in Shangri-La (South East Corner), it’s a captivating realm where art, activism, and powerful performances converge. Step into a space where truth reigns supreme, challenging conventions and igniting conversations that resonate long after the last chord fades away.

The Truth Stage stands as a powerful symbol of Glastonbury’s commitment to fostering social awareness and promoting positive change. It serves as a platform for artists and speakers who use their craft to amplify important messages, shedding light on social injustices, environmental concerns, and the pressing issues of our time.

Prepare to have your worldview expanded and your passion ignited as you witness performances that leave an indelible impact on your soul.


Visit IICON at night for the best experience

The IICON stage stands as a beacon of innovation, a testament to Glastonbury’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Picture a stage that defies conventional design, where massive LED screens come to life, displaying captivating visuals that transport you to another dimension. It’s a symphony of light, color, and motion that dances in perfect harmony with the pulsating beats that fill the air.

Prepare to be immersed in a multi-sensory extravaganza, where every moment is an opportunity for awe and wonder. The IICON stage serves as a canvas for visionary artists and performers, who utilize cutting-edge technology to create breathtaking spectacles. It’s a space where music and visuals intertwine, creating a symbiotic relationship that elevates the entire experience.

William’s Green & Carhenge

William’s Green has been a hotspot for “big bands in a small tent” on Thursday nights in recent years… this means that it gets very busy! So, this year they’ve re-worked the area to include Carhenge which will stand as a testament to the foundational aspects of Counterculture – a societal subset liberated from the shackles of conventional norms and consumer-driven motivations.


Left Field serves as a dynamic response to this resounding call for action. It brings to the forefront voices that are deeply entrenched in this struggle, represented in thought-provoking debates and impassioned performances.

Catering to an array of tastes, it offers a platform for radical insights and exhilarating music. So, if you have an appetite for the unconventional or a love for brilliant melodies, Left Field is the place to assert your presence and join a community that is actively shaping the future.

NYC Downlow

This has been labelled as “one of the best nightclubs in the world” – it’s a gay bar where moustaches are compulsory (you can by a fake one from a drag queen on the way in) – it’s a great night out, but expect to queue. A lot.

The Temple (The Common)

This stage is a haven for electronic music enthusiasts, where pulsating beats and infectious rhythms reign supreme.

From thumping techno and electrifying house to mind-bending trance and bass-heavy electronica, The Temple stage sets the scene for non-stop dancing and pure musical euphoria.

So, get ready to lose yourself in a sea of hypnotic sounds as world-renowned DJs and cutting-edge artists take the stage, delivering electrifying sets that will keep you grooving all night long. The Temple is where the beat drops, and the party never stops!

Pilton Palais (Cinema Tent)

There’s no better place to catch a movie (new or old) at Glastonbury! There used to be an apocalyptic outdoor movie area called Cineramageddon, but it’s not on the 2023 Festival Map.

There is a great range of movies playing throughout the festival week at The Pilton Palais.

BBC Introducing Stage

Step into the vibrant world of BBC Music Introducing, a champion of unsigned, hidden gems, and emerging talent across the enchanting landscape of the UK music scene. Since its inception at Glastonbury in 2007, this incredible platform has become a haven for over 200,000 artists, providing them with a stage to showcase their artistry and springboard their careers.

Through its 38 radio shows scattered throughout the nation, BBC Music Introducing serves as a sonic compass, unearthing the hottest acts from various scenes and propelling them into the spotlight of BBC national radio. It’s a gateway to recognition, where artists have the chance to be heard by millions, their melodies reverberating through the airwaves.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. For the fortunate few, BBC Music Introducing opens doors to perform on illustrious stages at the most prestigious UK festivals, and even beyond borders, allowing their music to touch the hearts of international audiences. It’s a journey of discovery, where dreams can turn into reality, and where the stars of tomorrow take their first exhilarating steps into the spotlight.

The Levels (Silver Hayes)

Get ready to immerse yourself in a cutting-edge sonic journey as we unveil the newest addition to Silver Hayes at Glastonbury—The Levels stage. Step into a realm where pulsating beats, mind-bending visuals, and boundary-pushing performances collide to create an electrifying experience like no other.

The Levels stage is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, where innovation takes centre stage.

The WoW Stage

There is a vibrant world of music that takes centre stage at the Wow stage in Glastonbury Festival. An extravaganza that caters to every musical taste and keeps the energy soaring.

From rock ‘n’ roll anthems that make your heart pound to infectious pop melodies that get you singing along, the Wow stage delivers a smorgasbord of musical delights.

You’ll also groove to the infectious beats of electronic dance music and sway to the soulful tunes of R&B and hip-hop.

The Wow stage is a melting pot of musical genius that ensures there’s never a dull moment. So, get ready to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of musical ecstasy that will leave you with memories to cherish forever.

The Lonely Hearts Club

Picture this: a whimsical corner of the festival where love and music collide, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss and connection.

This stage is like a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle, where you can sway to the beats, make new friends, and embrace the warmth of a musical community that feels like a big, welcoming hug.

Get ready to let your heart soar and dance the night away at The Lonely Hearts Club stage, where love and music intertwine to create unforgettable memories.

Babylon Uprising

Rising from a landscape bearing an uncanny resemblance to a post-apocalyptic world, the infamous Babylon Uprising collective – a spirited band of DIY artists, ravers, and activists – has made its presence felt.

Small(ish) Stages

Croissant Neuf

This enchanting stage is a haven for lovers of folk, acoustic, and roots music, transporting you to a serene and intimate musical paradise. Picture yourself swaying to soulful melodies, surrounded by lush greenery and a sense of togetherness as talented musicians serenade you with heartfelt lyrics and captivating harmonies.

The Croissant Neuf stage offers a peaceful respite, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of acoustic sounds and experience the power of music to uplift and inspire.

The Bandstand

The Bandstand is not your typical stage for well-known acts (unless, naturally, you share our savvy, cutting-edge taste, darling), but what it offers is refreshingly unique. The performances promise a radical departure from what you would typically see on the Pyramid stage or anywhere else at the Festival.


Strummerville offers the ultimate festival campfire experience.

This legendary stage (founded by Joe Strummer himself) has become a cherished tradition for festival-goers, an essential stop on their journey. Prepare to be dazzled by an extraordinary lineup of talent, as Strummerville has played host to a vibrant tapestry of artists that have left their mark on its hallowed grounds.

From the raw energy of Frank Turner to the ethereal sounds of Florence, and the enigmatic vibes of The Mystery Jets, Strummerville has witnessed countless unforgettable performances.

Stonebridge Bar

You’ll find the Stonebridge bar up in The Park, in a larger tent for 2023 (yay!)

Baggy Mondays on Thursday afternoon is a personal favourite of mine (it’s an indie anthem sing-a-long!)

Glasto Latino

Glasto Latino is an excellent alternative late-bight area for those who aren’t crazy on raving or EDM.

Its renowned late-night parties spring to life with exceptional bands post the main stage performances, keeping the Festival’s spirit alive till the wee hours. Renowned for their daytime classes, the festival-goers have the opportunity to learn salsa, tango, and reggaeton from some of the best artists in the industry.

Deluxe Diner & The Rocket Lounge

An actual restaurant where you can enjoy a three-course meal and cocktails! Glastonbury literally has it all.

The Rabbit Hole

A secret-not-so-secret venue. There are actually 2 Rabbit Holes (both in The Park) – one requires you to join a queue and solve a ‘riddle’ to gain entry – think Alice in Wonderland. Inside the ‘secret’ rabbit hole is a dance floor area, a small performance area, a bar and some toilets.

HMS Sweet Charity

Another venue to check out if you’re up in The Park area.

The Crow’s Nest

A really cool small stage and bar right at the top near the Glastonbury sign. There is a chalk board outside each day with the line up posted there. Confidence Man has played a set there during the same year as playing on a main stage! There’s always such a great vibe up at The Crow’s Nest.

The Wormhole

This mind-bending stage is a sonic playground for lovers of electronic music, where the pulsating beats of techno, house, and experimental sounds intertwine with mind-bending visuals and an electrifying atmosphere.

The Meat Rack

A backroom within NYC Downlow where anything goes.

The Flying Bus stage (Unfairground)

This stage is a hub of underground sounds, pumping out pulsating beats of genres like drum and bass, dubstep, and breakbeat, creating an atmosphere that is both gritty and electrifying.

The Salon Carousel (Unfairground)

The Salon Carousel stays deeply rooted in Bristol’s underground scene, offering a taste of the city’s edgy culture.

The Firmly Rooted Soundsystem (Silver Hayes)

This stage is a vibrant hub of electronic music, specialising in genres like house, techno, and dancehall. Get ready to surrender to the irresistible beats as talented DJs and artists unleash their sonic magic

The Information Stage (Silver Hayes – New)

This stage not only delivers fantastic music across various genres like indie, rock, and alternative, but it also offers a platform for thought-provoking discussions and engaging talks.

Prepare to have your mind expanded as you enjoy captivating performances and insightful conversations, creating an enriching experience where music and ideas intertwine to create an unforgettable festival adventure.

Areas To Explore


The GreenPeace area usually has loads to offer, there’s a live music stage, The Rave Tree, a skateboard ramp and it’s a great place to hang out. You must see the rave tree at night – it’s beautiful!

Green Futures Field

Welcome to the eco-conscious haven of the Green Futures Fields at Glastonbury Festival.

Here, amidst lush green landscapes, you’ll discover a vibrant hub of sustainability, environmental awareness, and holistic living.

From interactive workshops and educational talks to renewable energy demonstrations and organic food stalls, the Green Futures Fields invite you to immerse yourself in a world of eco-friendly initiatives and mindful practices,

Theatre & Circus Fields

Showcasing everything from breath-taking circus performances to the crème de la crème of UK and international comedians, as well as spoken word artists and innovative theatre, this locale serves as a melting pot of artistic excellence.


The Kidzfield is an enchanting world where the wonder of childhood is not only preserved but vibrantly celebrated. It’s not just a field, it’s a festival of dreams for the young and the young at heart.

Green Kidz Area

This dedicated space offers a wide range of interactive activities, workshops, and entertainment tailored specifically for children, fostering a love for nature, creativity, and environmental stewardship.

With eco-friendly crafts to storytelling sessions and sustainable-themed games, the Green Kidz Area is a haven of fun and education, ensuring that the youngest festival attendees have a memorable and eco-conscious experience.


Prepare to step into a realm where the conventional rules don’t apply – welcome to the Unfairground. Nestled in the South East Corner, this area is a hub for subversive art and music, oozing an enchanting and disconcerting charm that invites you to rethink your notions of the ordinary.

Unfairground, Glastonbury Festival

Venture into a surrealistic wonderland where oddities blend seamlessly with late-night music venues, peppered amidst a landscape brimming with street art and peculiar sculptures. This eccentric fusion is not just a visual treat but an immersive journey into the absurd and magnificent.

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Hidden within the enchanting realm of the legendary Glastonbury Festival lies Shangri-La—a captivating district that defies convention and fuels the imagination. This wonderland beckons adventurous souls to wander its interconnected streets, where dilapidated buildings adorned with mesmerising street art create a surreal playground of creativity.

Vibrant light displays, projected animations, and intricate installations transport you to a world where the boundaries of reality blur.

In Shangri-La, the air pulsates with a diverse symphony of music, ranging from thumping electronic beats to experimental melodies. Renowned artists, DJs, and bands from around the globe command the stages, infusing the atmosphere with an electric energy that ignites the senses. But Shangri-La is more than just a spectator’s delight—it’s an invitation to participate.

Engage with street performers, stumble upon hidden bars, and allow the spirit of rebellion to guide you on an unforgettable journey through this extraordinary realm, where self-expression and individuality reign supreme.

So venture into Shangri-La at the Glastonbury Festival, where reality melds with fantasy, and conformity is left behind. Lose yourself in a world where art, music, and unconventional wonders collide, and let the immersive experience transform you into a willing traveler on a boundless quest for extraordinary moments.

The Woods

Step into the enchanted realm, where ancient trees sway to the rhythm of acoustic melodies and secrets linger in the air.

Lose yourself in this serene sanctuary as gentle voices and heartfelt lyrics weave a musical tapestry that resonates deep within your soul, inviting you to embrace the harmonious connection between nature and music.

Above The Park (The Ribbon Tower & The Glastonbury Sign)

One of the best spots to view the sunset is up near the Glastonbury sign. You can also queue up to climb the ribbon tower for a fee, or check out the impromptu bands playing at the Crow’s Nest, or simply just take in the view.

The Stone Circle

When the music stops and the sun rises, head to the stone circle for the best morning of your life. This is the place to be for sunrise at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury On Sea

Glastonbury-On-Sea is a full-sized seaside pier right in the middle of the festival.

There are fortune tellers, Punch & Judy, ice-creams & candy, dodgems, retro arcade games and loads more to explore. It’s certainly worth a stop if you’re bimbling around!

Silver Hayes (Formerly The Dance Village)

A pulsating epicentre of the legendary Glastonbury Festival. This electrifying area, formerly known as The Dance Village, is a sonic playground where music reigns supreme, and infectious rhythms fuel the collective energy of festival-goers.

Get ready to lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of genres, from electronic beats to thumping techno, as renowned DJs and rising stars take to the stage, creating an atmosphere that is nothing short of exhilarating.

So, my friend, unleash your inner dancer and let the pulsating beats of Silver Hayes guide your every move as you join a community of music enthusiasts in a symphony of collective euphoria that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

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