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Glasto Chat TWFTPU Pink Umbrella

If you or someone you know is going to Glastonbury Festival this year, or has been in the past, then you’ve probably heard of TWFTPU, but what is it!? This article will explain all you need to know about it and how to get involved next time!

T.W.F.T.P.U = The World Famous Thursday Piss Up

It is an event that takes place on the Thursday of Glastonbury festival every year (except for fallow years and cancelled years) and it is wholly unofficial. That means that this piss meet up is organised entirely by ticket-holding Festival goers.

Glastonbury Festival usually runs Wednesday-Sunday over 5 days. The festival opens its gates to ticketholders on the Wednesday morning.

However, the main music stages and headline acts don’t start until Friday, but all the food and market traders, plus some smaller venues are open for the first 2 days.

This means there are 2 whole days to explore and enjoy the festival BEFORW the actual festival properly starts. Isn’t that wonderful!?

Anyway, back to The World Famous Thursday Piss Up.

What happens at The World Famous Thursday Piss Up (TWFTPU)?

Well, it’s a piss up, to be fair. A large group of people in fancy dress and carrying pink umbrellas (more on that later) meet up and drink all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours of various alcoholic concoctions until everyone is, well, proper pissed.

Pink umbrellas at Glastonbury The World Famous Thursday Piss up (TWFTPU)
Here is a sea of Pink Umbrellas against the sea of tents 😍

When & where does TWFTPU meet?

The meet up usually happens at 12 midday on Thursday on Glastonbury Festival.

The location is ‘the only tree’ in the Pyramid Stage field, which is a good spot for shade and shelter – but get there early because TWFTPU has grown in popularity a LOT in the past 5 years.

In case you’re unaware, the Pyramid is the main stage at the festival – the largest stage that you’ve probably seen on TV or YouTube, with the world’s most successful performers singing their hearts out to a sea of flags.

“The tree” is pretty hard to miss, especially with the flocks of people adorned with sequins and pink umbrellas heading towards it.

Why the pink umbrellas?

It’s a talking point. If other festival goers notice loads of people carrying a pink umbrella, someone will ask the question “what’s with the umbrellas” and word will spread to newbies.

Everyone is welcome at TWFTPU and the pink umbrella is a good way of symbolising this.

Credit: Glasto Chat TWFTPU

What about TWFPTU wristbands?

This is a charity venture organised by some of the meetup’s founders to raise money for FMS (Festival Medical Services)

They print a limited number of wristbands in advance of the festival, sell them to people for a small donation and they’re mailed out ahead of time. All the profits go to charity, from what I can see.

This is organised via the Facebook Group well before the festival begins (it is a sub group of the infamous ‘Glasto Chat’)

Glasto Chat TWFTPU
Visit the group here

How do I join the TWFTPU?

Just turn up at midday on Thursday at Glastonbury, if you’re lucky enough to be attending this year.

Bring some booze and smile at strangers. You’ll love it.

How do I get a wristband?

Join the Facebook group and keep an eye out for posts about it a few months before the festival.

What if I don’t have a pink umbrella?

That’s OK, you can just bring yourself. Don’t forget something to drink and share.

Ladies Golf Umbrella/Sun UPF 40 Protection Parasol (Pink)
Image from Amazon

What kind of crazy drinks are consumed at TWFTPU?

Lots of booze that can’t be bought on the shops! Skittles flavoured vodka, sherbert infused liquors, all sorts of home flavoured strangeness

Line your stomach first, go forth and enjoy the world Famous Thursday piss up!

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