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Can you camp anywhere at Glastonbury Festival?

Are you planning on heading to Glastonbury this year and wondering where you can set up camp? Here’s the thing, you can pretty much pitch your tent anywhere you please with a few exceptions. The festival organisers have put some rules in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all festival-goers.

So, while you may be tempted to set up camp in a secluded spot off the beaten path, it’s important to remember that camping outside of designated areas is strictly prohibited.

Lets look at what the camping situation is in Glastonbury Festival!

Glastonbury Festival Camping

Glastonbury Festival has 27 campsites to choose from, each offering a unique perspective on the festival.

Glastonbury has fewer restrictions than other mainstream festivals, there are plenty of options to choose from to make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible.

The general camping areas offer the most freedom, allowing you to pitch your tent wherever you choose within the fields borders.

But for those looking for a more peaceful and quiet experience, there are family camping and quieter camping fields too.

Disabled campground and glamping and campervan areas are also available for those looking to make their festival experience as comfortable as possible.

What are Your Options?

General Camping Areas

Glastonbury Festival as I mentioned previously has 27 camping individual camping fields, 23 of these are general needs, these fields range from flat ground to to quite steep areas, like in the South Park fields that climb up the southern edge of the festival.

These fields all have toilets and water points in or near them.

Family Camping And Quiet Camping Areas

Glastonbury in the past has featured two family camping areas, although there are some changes coming up so keep an eye out for updates. The two family camping fields are Wicket Ground and Cockmill Meadow.

They both offer good, flat camping ground, with staff on hand 24/7 and are much quieter than the general needs grounds.

Accessible Campground (disabled camping)

Accessible camping in Glastonbury is mainly located in and around Spring Ground, where they have allocated two further patches, one in Wicket Ground and the other in Hitchin Hill Ground.

This campground has a lot to offer for those looking to enjoy the festival who may have more needs than festival goers in the general camping grounds.

In previous years they have had ramps at the entrances to the field along with charging stations for electric scooters and wheelchairs.

They also have a high dependency unit to care for those with more serious needs during the festival.

Cyclists Camping

The designated cyclist camping area at the northern edge of the festival, is really close to where cyclists would be directed to enter the festival and access the secure bike lock up.

Although, cyclists are welcome to camp on any general needs camping grounds and do not have to exclusively camp here. So you can join your friends camp or try to get a spot on one of the more popular fields.

But in 2023 Cyclists camping has doubled in size, so there’s no excuse to not camp alongside your peddle pushing people!

Glamping And Campervan Areas

In the run up to Glastonbury, the glamping accommodation options on offer start opening up and in some cases sell out quickly!

Most of the more luxury driven ‘campgrounds’ of Glastonbury are located outside the main super fence. They have an abundance of different options from tipis, yurts and bell tents – to palatial canvas digs, that include furniture, hot tubs, massages… the lot!

You could also bring your own home away from home, campervan areas are all on the east side of the festival now, offering a 8m x 7m patch, if a larger pitch is needed it will cost extra in advance.

There are no electrical hook ups in the campervan fields, but they do have waste water containers and water available.

Be aware, you can’t just rock up in a van and expect to be able to use it as base camp. Glastonbury states that your campervan will need to be a live in vehicle, with permanent features like bed, washing and cooking facilities.

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The importance of following rules and regulations

It’s important to remember that wherever you decide to camp, it’s vital that everyone follows the rules and regulations set by the festival organisers in order for everyone to enjoy a smooth festival experience.

This means no setting up camp on paths regardless of how much you want to camp near friends.

The downside to camping on, over or too close to a path will be that your tent will either get trampled, covered in mud or vanish altogether once it’s moved by camp ground staff.

Also, do not camp too near toilets (why would you want to?) or places with high foot traffic where your tent could become an obstruction. You wouldn’t want to have to hear constant stomping of footsteps next to your head as you sleep.

It also means leave no trace and love the farm! These rules exist for good reason!

Respect each other and those around you on the campsite and treat others like you would want to be treated.

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The Experience Of Camping At Glastonbury

Camping at Glastonbury isn’t just about the place you set up your tent.

It’s about hearing stories from unexpected people, making unforgettable memories with friends both old and new, telling tales after late night jamming sessions around the campsite beneath a blanket of stars – moments like these are what make Glastonbury so special!

So don’t forget why you decided to come here in the first place – it’s all about having fun!

One of my most memorable entries to Glastonbury was in the wet year of 2016, the site was muddy from the get go, dragging a trolley through mud nearly too deep to walk through! With these conditions, moving anywhere took twice as long.

It was nearly impossible to find a spot because over time all the incoming festival goers had started walking further and further out from the paths to avoid the mud, this turned the camp ground in something that resembled a scene from the western front.

Until we finally reached a patch!, it wasn’t perfect but it was OURS!

Although trying to get the tent up after that ordeal was another hurdle. But that’s when our soon-to-be-neighbours offered their help with a smile.

Conversations about our experiences in Glastonbury and where we had come from, flowed like the never ending watery mud slurry running down the hill.

Glastonbury Camping FAQs

Final Thoughts

From the freedom and excitement of the general camping areas, to the peace and serenity of the family and quieter fields, Glastonbury Festival offers something for everyone.

They also provide accessible camping for those with special needs as well as glamping and camper van areas where you can treat yourself to a more luxurious stay.

While at Glastonbury, it’s important to remember to follow the rules set by festival organisers so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience – whether you’re experienced in this or new to it, you’ll be sure to create memories that will last forever!

Be prepared for all weathers too – it may be a bit muddy but don’t let that stop you from having fun.

Embrace the magic of Glastonbury and make new friends along the way!

With stories told, laughs shared and memories created under the night sky, camping at Glastonbury is truly one-of-a-kind.

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