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Glastonbury Camping - Cyclist's Ground

This article is part of our series of guides to the different campsites in Glastonbury Festival. The Cyclist’s Ground is a designated and reserved area for people cycling to Glastonbury Festival.

Updated for 2023!

If you’re planning on cycling to this year’s Glastonbury Festival and you’re considering Cyclists Ground, keep reading to see whether it’s right for you!

Camping in Cyclists Ground

Hey pedal pushers, planning on cycling to Glastonbury Festival? Well, have no fear, the festival has got you covered with their Reserved Cyclist’s Camp!

Located in the northwest area of the festival, it’s easily accessible through Gate A and the Pyramid Stage is about a 15-minute walk away.

As part of Glastonbury’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, they encourage festival-goers to cycle to the event.

The festival site is just a short distance from Route 3 of the National Cycle Network and there are plenty of resources available to help plan your route.

Plus, the festival offers a secure bike lock-up, a designated cyclist’s campsite, and even a luggage delivery service for a small fee. There are plenty of perks to cycling to the festival and this dedicated campsite is one of the best!

With 2023’s site changes, the cyclists camping is now pretty much twice as big as before!

So, grab your helmets and get ready for a sustainable journey into the festival grounds!


  • Designated cyclist camping mean’s you will be in the mix with likeminded people.
  • You will join the ever growing community of people mad enough to cycle to Glastonbury festival and back after a possible 5 days of festival madness!
  • You will have the shortest journey in compared to most, with your bicycle, camp and gate being a stones throw from each other.
  • Bigger than previous years.


  • You will be right next Gate A so expect noise from foot traffic pretty much 24 hours per day.
  • You are pretty far from main stages and night life, you should expect long walks.
  • This campsite is reserved only for cyclists – it’s not for general camping, so your mates may be camped elsewhere.


Best Place to Park for Cyclist’s Ground

When you arrive, just follow the signs for Bronze Gate and you’ll be directed to the bike lock-up which is located between the Bronze and Orange Gates.

Best Gate to Access Cyclist’s Ground

You will enter the festival through Gate A, located right next to the secure bike lockup.

Is Camping in Cyclist’s Ground Right for You?

Cyclists Ground would be right for you if:

  • You want to cycle to Glastonbury

Cyclist’s Ground Alternatives

Other areas near by you can also try:

For those who may not know, Glastonbury Festival is one of the biggest and most iconic music festivals in the world, taking place annually in the UK. This five-day extravaganza is like a magical kingdom, where the music never stops and the good vibes flow 24/7. The line-up is always a who’s who of the music industry, with past headliners including the likes of Beyoncé, Adele, Paul McCartney and Ed Sheeran.

But Glastonbury isn’t just about the music. It’s an immersive experience that’s hard to put into words. Imagine wandering through the lush fields, taking in the colourful and eclectic art installations, and getting lost in the diverse array of food and craft stalls. It’s like stepping into an entirely different world, where anything is possible.

One of the things that makes Glastonbury so special is the sense of community. The festivalgoers are a diverse group of people from all walks of life, but for five days, we’re all one big family. The vibe is so positive and inclusive, it’s impossible not to feel uplifted and connected to everyone around you.

See you on the farm!

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