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Can you bring wet wipes to Glastonbury festival?

When it comes to packing for a music festival like Glastonbury, you want to make sure you have all the essentials to keep you clean and comfortable throughout the event. One of those essentials is definitely wet wipes!

Wet wipes are an essential on just about every festival packing list out there. They’re even stacked up in supermarkets during festival season next to the tents and sleeping bags.

However, you’re probably aware of the environmental impact surrounding wet wipes and Glastonbury is well-known for its environmental initiatives.

Can You Take Wet Wipes to Glastonbury Festival?

Yes – although discouraged, wet wipes are not currently banned from Glastonbury Festival and festivalgoers are able to pack them. However, it’s important to be considerate and make sure you dispose of your used wipes carefully.

But before you pack the entire bulk pack into your backpack, let’s talk about the different types of wet wipes available and which ones are best for a festival like Glastonbury.

Standards vs. Biodegradable Wet Wipes

First, there are your standard wet wipes, the ones you can find at any drugstore or grocery store. These are great for a quick clean-up on the go, but they’re not exactly environmentally friendly.

The festival takes place on a farm and the organisers are very conscious about waste and environmental impact, so it’s best to avoid these types of wipes if possible.

Then there are biodegradable wet wipes, which are a much more eco-friendly option. These wipes are made from natural materials and will break down quickly in the environment, reducing their impact on the festival site. They can be a bit harder to find, but they’re definitely worth seeking out if you’re looking to minimize your environmental footprint.

However, biodegradable wet wipes – as well-intentioned as they are – are not perfect. They can also be potentially harmful to the environment as they release harmful gases when they break down.

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Another option is to bring reusable wipes or a washcloth. These are typically made from a soft and absorbent material, such as microfiber or bamboo, and can be washed and reused multiple times. They are a great way to reduce waste and are also a good option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Under no circumstances should wet wipes put dropped down the toilets at Glastonbury!

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Final Thoughts

So, can you bring wet wipes to Glastonbury? Absolutely! Just be mindful of the type of wipes you’re bringing and try to opt for the most environmentally friendly option.

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