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25 Campervan Accessories for festivals

If you’re off to your next festival in a campervan (lucky you!) – you’ll probably be looking for ways to spruce it up in preparation. Here’s a selection of useful and decorative campervan accessories for festivalgoers!

If you love music festivals and camping, then a campervan is one of the best ways to experience them. It’s also a cheap way to save on premium accommodation when attending an event like Glastonbury.

But you might not know everything you need to make the journey comfortable and hassle-free. Follow along below so I can share some tips on how to make your festival trip the best it can be by upgrading your van with some handy accessories.

Some of these are essentials – whereas others are just for fun! Enjoy!

1. A Campervan Awning

Awnings for campervans are a necessity. They’re multi-purpose – they provide a shaded area for you to sit out of the sun and rain (while still being outside) and also prevent the sun from shining inside the van.

Most festival campervan pitches are large enough to include an awning, so you can sit around with your friends for late night drinks and giggles.

Wild Earth DELUX Sun Canopy Awning for VW Camper Van
Image from Amazon

2. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a simple and inexpensive way to spruce up the inside and outside of your campervan to make it look and feel cosy for festivals. There’s something about the warm glow of fairy lights that’s so inviting.

Use battery powered ones with an automatic “off” timer to save power and keep your plug sockets free for other things.

[2 Pack] BXROIU Fairy Lights Battery Operated, Silver Wire Chains
Image from Amazon
Dailyart Globe String Lights Battery Powered 40 LED Fairy String
Image from Amazon

Check out these Battery Powered Dailyart Globe String Lights for a bit of added luxury 🤩

3. Flag & A Flag Pole

Flags and festivals go together like berries and cream 😉 So it’s a natural move to adorn your campervan’s pitch area with a flag.

If your campsite doesn’t allow flags (boo) then you can still use once, just make it small enough so it’s not higher than the height of your van!

Flags can be personal, inside jokes, political, humorous or cute. The choice is yours.

Flags also make great landmarks for yourself and others when trying to find your way around. For bonus points, wrap solar fairy lights around the flag pole so it lights up at night!

Skyblueleisure 4m Telescopic Pole with Ground Spike ideal for flags,windsocks,
Image from Amazon

4. Outdoor Solar lanterns

Outdoor solar lanterns are a beautiful way to decorate the outside space around your campervan at a festival.

You can use ones with stakes that you stick in the ground, or get hanging lanterns that can hang on your awning or a branch of a nearby tree.

GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, 12 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor,Solar
Image from Amazon
Coospy 4pcs Solar Light Spiral LED Lanterns, Solar Garden Lights
Image from Amazon

5. Festival Bunting

Bunting just looks so pretty, and it’s perfect for the outside of your campervan – or for joining your van to your neighbours to create a little relaxing seating area in between your two vans.

It sounds lovely in the wind as well as it flaps around, much like flags.

There are endless designs, shapes and colours available to choose a style of bunting that reflects your personality.

G2PLUS Fabric Bunting Banner with Tassel, 3.3M Double Sided Cotton
Image from Amazon
Premium Reusable Bunting Banner - Bunting Outdoor Waterproof - As
Image from Amazon

6. A Safe for your valuables & Cash

It’s certainly a good idea to secure a safe somewhere within your van for storing important items.

Things such as cash, passports, IDs and documents cannot be easily replaced and opportunists are everywhere.

Even with a safe, it should be kept buried away somewhere, not out on display.

Yale Laptop Electronic Guest Safe - Standard Security - Y-MS0000NFP
Image from Amazon

7. Extra Blankets

Vans get cold at night. t’s a great idea to keep a stash of spare blankets because you will need them. Also, if you ever have mates to stay round, it’s handy to have a few extra blankest for guests too.

EHC Luxuriously Soft Chunky Waffle Cotton Throws Large Sofa Bed,
Image from Amazon
Snug Rug Special Edition Blankets Luxury Sherpa Fleece 127 x
Image from Amazon

8. Thermal or Blackout blinds/curtains

For the British Summertime, if you want more than 5 hours sleep then this is essential. The sun rises before 5am in June and it’s impossible to sleep with the sun on the horizon beaming in through the window.

Blackout blinds for the inside of your van are an absolute lifesaver. Can’t do without these in any situation!

MaximoLife® Ultimate 100% Blackout Blind | Fits Any Window Size/Shape
Image from Amazon
T5 Transporter Campervan Tailored Thermal Screen Blind Cover window Silver
Image from Amazon

9. Mini-Fridge

If you’re lucky enough to be at a festival with an electrical hook up – this mini-fridge is just large enough to keep a few drinks cold. Some of the mini fridges on Amazon can be powered by USB, so if you have a portable phone charger than this could be very handy.

Subcold Ultra 15 Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer | 3rd
Image from Amazon

10. USB Disco Light for Campervans

If you’re extra and you want to keep the party going – this is your answer! It’s powered by USB and it’s surprisingly bright.

Disco Lights, Gritin Rechargeable 360° Rotation Sound Activated Disco Ball

11. Camping Table & Chairs

The civilised way to dine while at a festival in a campervan – fold away tables and chairs are extremely handy!

Hi-Gear Elite Portable Picnic Table Set, Portable Camping Table, 2
Image from Amazon

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12. Battery Powered Fly Swatter

Unfortunately, campervans are magnets to flies and midges at night. In the dark with the lights on in your van all the midges will swarm towards your cosy haven. You can also use fly trap strips and bug netting to keep them away.

mafiti Electric Fly Swatter, Fly Killer Bug Zapper Racket for
Image from Amazon

13. Solar-Powered Phone Charger

When you’re looking for campervan accessories, you want practicality more than anything. You don’t get more practical than this – free electricity from the sun.

BigBlue 14W SunPower Solar Panels with USB(5V/2.4A), IPX4 Waterproof, Folding
Image from Amazon

14. Torch

This adjustable torch will come in handy for late night toilet trips

Blukar LED Torch Rechargeable, Super Bright Adjustable Focus Flashlight, 4
Image from Amazon

15. Sat Nav

Sat Navs are great for easing your anxiety before driving somewhere new – I don’t know what we did without them to be honest! Be prepared for any trip in your campervan without the fear of getting lost.

TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Basic, 6 Inch, with Traffic
Image from Amazon

16. Map

Technology is great, until it breaks. It’s all very well and good having a smartphone, laptop and sat nav. But soon, you’ll find yourself without any power or signal. That’s when you need a roadmap.

It’s a good idea to replace your roadmap every couple of years and keep it handy. You never know when you might need it.

This is definitely the most retro of the campervan accessories on this list!

2023 Philip's Road Atlas Britain and Ireland: (A4 Spiral) (Philip's
Image from Amazon

17. Bluetooth Speakers

Anker Soundcore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Wireless Speaker with Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone, for Outdoor, Travel, Home

Anker Soundcore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot
Image from Amazon

18. Noise Cancelling Earbuds

These are an absolute frigging godsend. When you’re sleeping in a van at a festival, there can be a lot of noise around you which can be disorientating and distracting.

These Loop earplugs are next-level good. It’s like the world’s best noise-cancelling headphones without actually being a set of headphones. It’s insane. Plus, these have so many other uses, for work, at home, on public transport or if you get overwhelmed easily – these take the edge off.

Loop Quiet - Ear Plugs for Sleep – Super Soft,
Image from Amazon

19. Rechargeable Shower

It’s a luxury to be able to shower – even if your van doesn’t have fixed shower facilities, it’s still possible! This rechargeable shower has a surprisingly powerful pump – all you need is a container of warm water and a USB plug!

RISEPRO Camping Shower Head Portable Camp Shower Head Built- In
Image from Amazon

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20. Water Filter

Not strictly just a campervan accessory. But, you should always keep a few of these in your van, just in case you ever need it. The LifeStraw can remove impurities from any water!

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, Blue, 1pc
Image from Amazon

21. A Hammock for your campervan

I mean, who doesn’t want a hammock? If you’ve got no where to secure the hammock, try this pop-up version instead.

COSTWAY Folding Hammock with Metal Stand, Carrying Bag, Anti-Slip Buckle
Image from Amazon

22. Foldable Bin

This Foldable Litter Bin is sooo much better than having recycling bags all over the place. Bags get ripped, this can be emptied with ease.

BRUNNER Splitter foldable trash bin grey (packaging may vary)
Image from Amazon

23. Hanging Storage System (for hanging up wet things)

It’s honestly so handy to have somewhere to hang up your wet weather clothes so you don’t have to end up with soggy bedding. A retractable washing line or some hooks will help with this.

OlBuWa Retractable Washing Line SUS304 Wash Line Clothes Dryer with
Image from Amazon

24. Satin Eye mask for sleeping

For added comfort when you’re sleeping at a festival – this is great for tent dwellers too. It feels so soft on your eyes, it almost gives the effect of a massage – it’s also blocks out light so it’s easier to drift off to sleep with this.

ALASKA BEAR 100% Blackout Sleep Mask Most Comfortable Contoured Eye
Image from Amazon

So those are our picks for some fun campervan accessories for festivals. If you found this list useful, please share it with a friend.

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