Can You Get Day Tickets to Glastonbury Festival?

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Can You Get Day Tickets to Glastonbury Festival?

Looking for Day Tickets to Glastonbury? Sadly, day tickets to Glastonbury are extremely rare and you must live in a certain postcode in order to get them. Also – the only day you can attend with a day ticket is Sunday.

The best way to attend Glastonbury Festival is with a full ticket that allows you to come in and out of the gates as often as you please.

The only official place to get tickets is from SeeTickets – do not get scammed elsewhere.

You could even stay off-site in a B&B or hotel and get a taxi to the gates each day if you can afford the expense.

Can You Get Day Tickets to Glastonbury Festival?

Generally, Glastonbury Festival tickets are valid for the entire weekend and they do not sell separate tickets for individual days.

However, if you live locally enough, you may be eligible for day tickets that are valid on the Sunday only.

You can also come and go from the festival as often as you like, as the gates are open 24/7 so you can stay in a local B&B overnight if camping isn’t for you.

Is It Worth Going to Glastonbury Festival For One Day?

You can do and see a lot in a day, but you’re going to miss a lot of the festival and what it has to offer if you miss the other 3-4 days.

For those who may not know, Glastonbury is one of the biggest and most iconic music festivals in the world, taking place annually in the UK. This five-day extravaganza is like a magical kingdom, where the music never stops and the good vibes flow 24/7.

The line-up is always a who’s who of the music industry, with past headliners including the likes of Beyoncé, Adele, Paul McCartney and Ed Sheeran.

But Glastonbury isn’t just about the music.

It’s an immersive experience that’s hard to put into words. Imagine wandering through the lush fields, taking in the colourful and eclectic art installations, and getting lost in the diverse array of food and craft stalls. It’s like stepping into an entirely different world, where anything is possible.

One of the things that makes Glastonbury so special is the sense of community.

The festivalgoers are a diverse group of people from all walks of life, but for five days, we’re all one big family. The vibe is so positive and inclusive, it’s impossible not to feel uplifted and connected to everyone around you.

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How To Get Glastonbury Tickets

The tickets for Glastonbury in 2019 festival sold out in roughly 36 minutes. That’s 135,000 tickets sold in half an hour. That’s approximately 4,500 tickets being sold per minute, or more than 75 every second.

With that in mind, getting yourself a ticket is not a particularly easy task and takes a certain amount of planning.

Glastonbury sells out every year and once all the tickets are gone, there’s no chance of getting a spare ticket on eBay or buying a spare one as I’m sure you’re aware that the tickets come printed with your photograph, name and address, and you can’t make copies.

Being successful at purchasing Glastonbury tickets lands somewhere between producing fine art and conducting a military drill.

Read our full guide on how to maximise your chances at getting Glastonbury tickets for next year!

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